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"MRT or Muscle Testing"
Learning the basics

  Testing for quality and needs
  Testing for dosage
  Mechanical Tests
  9 Main Reflexes and Specific Nutrients Points
  Blood Pressure & Stroke
  Eyes Reflexes
  Thyroid and Adrenals



Muscle testing for dosage can be easily done by holding a product against the body and asking either audibly or silently how much of this product the body needs.
Personally l make the statement "One per day, two per day", etc., until the arm goes weak.

Secondly, I want to know how many times per day this product will be needed, so I make another statement," Once per day, twice per day" etc.

Therapeutically, the body needs 2-3 teaspoons (or about 6 capsules) of a particular herb in order to get enough to truly bring imbalances back up to par. We do not test truly organic nutritional supplements in terms of mg. These terms are only used in the cases of poison, or inorganic substances where too much may cause a problem.

It is extremely hard, if not impossible to do harm with a truly organic product.
It is true that there are some poisonous plant products, but these are hard to find on the market, so in the supplement world, it is hard to over dose.

There are three reasons why someone would test for more than 8-10 capsules of a product and the testing should be disregarded.

1. The product being tested is not pure, therefore requires a tremendous amount to satisfy the bodies requirements.

2. The body is in extreme deficiency so is calling for high amounts.
In this case, it is not essential to supply the body with the high dosage it is calling for. Let us say you get stuck in the desert for a week with no water. We know that the body is extremely dehydrated, but this does not mean you start with 5 gallons of water all at once.
We know that in order to avoid secondary reactions, or healing crisis, you start slowly.
Water must be drink by sipping it. If fasting, one starts by eating slowly and very easy bland foods, not too much at once. The same principle applies to supplementation.

3. Another time the body may call for high quantities is in the case of an intrinsic factor being missed.
For example, if the iron is testing for a higher dosage that 6-10 daily, it could be because the body is not utilizing the iron it is being given; perhaps in the case of vitamin B12 deficiency. This, of course, should not be too much of a factor if truly organic products are being used in their whole form.

God created plants to have all the elements they would need in order to balance each other out in the body, and too much of it would simply wash out.
For example, every cell is a miniature sodium/potassium pump. If either one of these elements were to come out of there perfect balance, the cell would die. God knows this in His infinite wisdom as He created it all, and balanced all products that are high in sodium to be high in potassium as well; if taken in a whole organic form that is.

Another simple way of testing dosage is by having someone hold a capsule in their hand and test.
If they test strong for the capsule, add a capsule and keep adding and testing until the arm goes weak. The weak arm indicates you have reached the required limit of the body requirements.

This method is not always practical as you would have to have an open bottle of every thing you were testing, and I would not recommend having different people touching the same product and assure pureness.