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C-Herb External

Topical application

C-herb is a combination of several well known herbs and mineral salts.
Do not be surprised if the container looks empty! There is only 1 gram of C-Herb in it!

Water, fiber, black walnut, burdock, white oak bark and mineral salts and proprietary herbs. It appears as a dark colored paste and is used either topically or taken internally.

C-Herb External
When taken topically [C-Herb External]

C-Herb has been used successfully in the removal of warts, moles, abnormal cell growth and other conditions caused by virus or other offenses to the skin. It will act only upon those conditions that are not natural to the skin. It will not help the body remove liver spots because the only thing wrong with the skin is the loss of pigmentation.

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Remember, C-Herb is not removing the unwanted tissue or condition. It is only exposing the problem to the immune system so it can do its job.
The body does the removal and healing. The best way to demonstrate this is to do the opposite by placing C-Herb on good, healthy skin. This can be done repeatedly and it will do nothing.
C-Herb is not caustic or acidic. It is not "burning" away unwanted tissue, rather, it is exposing the problem to the body so the immune system will deal with it.


Do not touch c-herb with metal  
Store in a cool place, away from direct sun

Instructions for Topical Use of C-Herb

Please remember that over use (too much or too long) will increase the chance of scarring so follow the directions as suggested.
1. We suggest that you apply a small amount of Replenishing Cream, to the area you plan to use C-Herb on, for at least 3 days prior to using C-Herb. This will prepare the tissues and reduce the chance of scarring.
2. Use a toothpick and apply a tiny bit of c-herb in the center of a Band-Aid and then cover the mole or tissue that you want to remove (image above).
2. Do that prior to bed time, once a day for no more than 3 to 5 days (3 to 5 applications) .
Do not over use the C-Herb.
3. Only work on (1) one area at a time and wait for it to heal before treating another.

The second application should be applied approximately 24 hours later. Remove the Band-Aid and wash or shower if desired, then apply a second application of C-Herb to the area. This will usually produce a “pinking” of the area.
By the third day you will usually notice that the treated tissues are getting darker, inflammation may come up to the surface of the skin (redness) as well as a some puss. This is a good sign!

It is very important that you look for a white ring of infection either surrounding the treated tissues or actually including all of the tissues being treated with C-Herb. If this is not taking place after 2 applications, continue as per day 1 and 2 up to not more than 5 applications or days total.

After the white ring appears (or 5 days), whichever happens first, please stop using the C-Herb. Continue to cover the area with a Band-Aid to keep the area moist underneath. Within a few days the core of the treated tissues will fall out and leave a small, pink crater. It is then time to apply a small amount of Replenishing Cream lightly to this area twice a day. Be careful that the area heals from the bottom and does not close over from the top, leaving a cavity which could cause a cyst.

It generally takes from 7 to 14 days for the crater to fill in completely, depending on size.

It is reported that an individual can feel the exact moment when C-herb begins to stimulate the natural immune functions. The sensation has been described by some individuals to be like a slight sting, pinch or itch. The stinging has been reported to last up to 4 hours after application. When one feels this sensation one can be assured that the offending tissue is being successfully attacked by the immune system.

When Using C-Herb On Your Face
(or very sensitive areas such as lips, ears, nose, eyelids etc.)

For sensitive areas such as the face use a combination of Replenishing Cream and C-Herb external
Repelinishing Combination
Start by using a combination of the Replenishing Cream mixed with C-Herb External (50 - 50) if for the lips, eyelids, nose, ears etc.
It might take a bit longer as this combination is much milder than c-herb alone.
You can apply this combination morning and night or several times a day.

If nothing happens, after a few days, you might have to mix a bit more of the C-Herb with your Replenishing Cream.
In that case apply only once prior to retiring for the night as that combination will be more powerful.

This combination of te Replenishing Cream and the External C-Herb is available here

Warts should be prepared before application by soaking in warm water or scraping the crown of the wart down so C-Herb can be absorbed by the skin. Each application of C-Herb should be kept in place for 24 hours. This can be done by loosely applying a Band-Aid over the application. Also, one can scrape off the tough, callous-like tissue on top before applying C-Herb. Once down to the “pink” flesh of the wart, apply as directed for moles.

Note: Often a wart will turn very white and get sore. When the wart has turned white you may want to take a sterile needle and gently poke to top. Next you’ll very gently press the sides of the wart until a “seed” comes out (this looks like the seed in a concord grape) and the pain will stop almost immediately.

Large Areas
Typically, these areas do best when you apply our combination of Replenishing Cream and C-Herb external to these areas until they reduce in size down to about the size of a pencil eraser. At that time apply the C-Herb as described above. (Call if you need assistance with these rather than have a problem.)

Canker and Cold Sores
These should be treated by placing a small drop of C-Herb on the canker (mix warm distilled water with the c-herb), cold sore or fever blister and leaving it on only until it can be felt. This usually takes just a few seconds. Wipe off the C-Herb immediately. Do not let the C-Herb stay on longer than 30 seconds. This procedure may be repeated twice a day if needed.

Moles are easily and quickly removed by a direct topical application of C-Herb.

Many who use C-Herb are not bothered by pain during this process. However, there are areas of the body where pain is more likely to occur. If you are having pain, or think you want to be prepared in case you do have pain, I suggest that you use Arnica (rub a drop into the tissues before applying C-Herb, or put a drop on the top of the C-Herb after applying it). Rub a few drops of Arnica Oil into the tissues by rubbing clockwise.

"Abnormal Cell Growth" on the skin
Most are localized and should be treated by applying the C-Herb in the same way you would treat a mole.

For over two years, I have had a very painful sore that looked like a wart. My doctors tried everything to help it heal. They gave up and suggested I have the tip of my finger amputated. For all the pain I was in 24hrs a day, I was ready to have it done. I even had to go on Long Term Disability because the pain was to exhausting. This started in June of 2007.

Two months ago, I was showing my finger to a neighbor (Mary) and she gave me a product that your company offers called C-Herb. I used it faithfully, and am proud to announce that today, meaning this last week, that I am no longer in pain, because the finger is completely HEALED. Thank You everybody that has anything to do with this Miracle Healer, and now I don't have to lose my finger. I can't wait to show that Doctor what C-Herb has done, when they couldn't do anything but put me on stupid pain killers. I think my stomach would like to say thank you also as all these meds were starting to burn big holes in it.

P.S. I can't begin to tell you how many times in the middle of the night that I wanted to just chop it off and get it over with. Good thing I didn't. I can't stand the sight of blood! Thank You, and of course Mary, for returning my life back to normal.
Robert A. Hinshaw Orlando, Florida


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