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Unless otherwise specified most products below are 1oz.

A to C
5-Htp Phenolic
Sleep disorders, antidepressant
Acetaldehyde PH
A candidate for ACC commonly has difficulties with memory.
Acidophilus High Delivery (60)
Friendly bacteria, from eight beneficial cultures.  14 billion total count - Probiotics
Relief of erruptions on the face and head, relief of burning and itching
Aconite 200C
Sudden onset of illness with intense pain
Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities and hyperactivity.
Debility, exhaustion after slight exertion, and dysentery.
Adrenacom 2oz.
Features andrographis and licorice to support the adrenal glands. (nerves)
Adrenal Herbal 2oz.
Healthy weight management for the adrenal body type system
Relief of nervous exhaustion, fatigue and forgetfulness.

Adrenapar 2oz
Relief of nervous exhaustion, fatigue and forgetfulness.

AhiFlower 4oz.

A complete and balanced omega fatty acid supplement from a vegan, sustainable, non-GMO source.

Relief of loss of appetite, dyspepsia, nausea, and craving of alcohol.
Allercom 2oz
Support for the respiratory tract and a healthy immune response to environmental factors.
Allerstat I
Detoxification of common food allergies
Allerstat I 2oz
Detoxification of common food allergies
Allerstat II
Detoxification of common inhalant allergies
Allerstat II 2oz.
Detoxification of common inhalant allergies
Airborne allergies, hay fever
Relief of confusion, memory loss and impaired cognitive function.
Anas Barbariae 200C
Often recommended as a preventive for the flu and colds
Animal Antigens
relief of allergies due to animals.
Balances the endocrine system. Relief of weakness, weariness, thirst, PMS and bone pain
Anxiety HP
Anxiety, nervousness and Stress
Anxiety Spray
Relief of fearfulness, restlessness and the fear of death and dying.
Apis Cord
Allergic responses from food, environmental exposures, redness, itching, swelling, heat, skin blotching or sudden headache.
Arnica 200C
Relieves bruising and stiffness after exertion.
Artemisiacom 2oz
Fortifier for the intestines and colon (Parasites)
Hardening of arteries, hypertension, peripheral arteriosclerosis, claudication, gangrene.
Arteriozyme 180 tabs
Blood vessel function and gets a further boost from heart healthy nutrients like taurine and rutin.
Arthritis HP
Arthritis, Joint inflammation
Asthma HP
For relief of symptoms due to constriciton of the chest and asthma
B-Complex 100 caps
Bac HP
Chronic bacterial infection
Detoxification of various bacterial infections.
Bactestat 2oz
Detoxification of various bacterial infections.
Bilberrycom - 2oz.
Fortifier for the eyes
Biting Insect
For temporary relief of allergies due to biting insects.
Relief of crusting, ulcerating and hardening of the skin. It is oftentimes used as a drawing salve for infection or splinters.
Bone Repair
Relief of symptoms of chronic inflammation of the back and bone injury.
Bronchi HP
Relief of symptoms of chronic cough and inflammation of the bronchial tree, chronic bronchitis.
Calc Fluor
Calc Fluor may temporarily relieve bone issues, particularly bony growths.
Calcium Lactate 250 caps
Calming Formula
Helpful in treating hyperactive children by soothing the nerves, ease jitters and palpitations.
Detoxification of various candida infections. Relief of bloating of the stomach, flatulence or rhinitis.
Candida Albicans
Candida - Yeast
Candida Cord
Candida - Yeast
Candidiasis can be stopped by a change in diet and help from natural remedies such as Energique's Candique
Carcinosin Cord
Relieves symptoms of excessive weariness, symptoms ever changing and conflicting.
Difficulty breathing after walking, tiredness, feeling as if you cannot breathe, and profuse transpiration.

Nervous anxiety with tiredness, difficulty breathing at night while sleeping, coldness of hands and feet, and swelling of the extremities.


Care & Comfort Cream
Care and Comfort Cream may temporarily relieve pain, soreness, swelling, stiffness, and symptoms of minor injuries. .
Fortifier for the colon and liver (bowel movements!)
Cats Claw (6X, 12X, 30X.)
Symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.
Brain, enhances circulation to the brain
Chemicals by Lidell
Detoxifier for household & industrial chemicals, may relieve symptoms of chemical toxicity.
Detoxification of commonly used drugs and chemicals. Weakness and exhaustion, minor abdominal cramps, bloating and vomiting.
China 30 C
Relieves abdominal pain with bloating and indigestion
Adrenal support; Libido enhancer; Rheumatism; Fortifies immune system.
Blood circulation enhancer
CMV Stat
Relief of fever with digestive symptoms and muscular aches and pains associated with the flu.
Coffee, Tea & Chocolate
For temporary relief of allergies due to coffee, tea, and chocolate.
Cold HP
Relief from symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, fever/chills and/or discharges.
Colo Cleanse
Fibers and bowel supporting herbs designed to help healthy bowel movement frequency.
Relief of constipation,fiatulence and rumbling of colon.
Relieves flatulence associated with constipation
Contact Antigens
Relief of allergies due to poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and stinging nettle.
CortSym Gel
Eczema, dermatitis, insect bites, poison ivy. poison oak, poison sumac, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, genital and anal itching.
Cortisol PH
Hepatic gluconeogenesis, hepatic glycogenolysis, and protein catabolism
Cough Calm 4oz.
To ease respiratory distress brought on by seasonal conditions.
Coxsackie Cord
Relieves symptoms such as headaches
Fortifier for the heart and cardiovascular system
Relief from constriction of the chest cavity, heart sensitivity, difficulty in breathing and swelling of the ankles.
Relief of intolerable urging and tenesmus, pressure in the area of the bladder, urination often.

Vital Female Sexual Energy
Vital Immune Booster
Vital Male Sexual Energy
Vital Men Combination



D to H
Vitamin D3
Dairy Antigens
Relief of allergies due to dairy products.
to support the liver health and detoxification
Dandecom 2oz.
Relief of pain and minor inflammation in the mouth, or on the gums following dental procedures.
Diabenex HP
For relief of symptoms of lethargy/fatigue in the afternoon after a meal, abnormal blood sugar.
Digesticom 2oz.
Blend of Ayurvedic and complementary herbs to support and fortify the digestive system
Digestive Formula
Tto enhance digestion, aid in nutrient absorption, and support ileocecal function.
Digestizyme Plus 180 tabs
To support digestive health, featuring ox bile and pancreatin to optimize the breakdown of fats, as well as proteins and carbohydrates.
Diuretic Formula 1oz.
To support the kidneys and bladder, with a cleansing effect on the circulation of urea. It helps to eliminate excess body fluid and discourages inflammation and infection.
May temporarily relieve symptoms associated with reactions to dopamine.
Liver, lymph and Kidney support
Dust Mix Antigens
RelieveS symptoms associated with dust allergies.
E-Coli 30
May temporarily relieve diarrhea and nausea.
EBV Stats
Detoxification of Epstein Barr/Mononucleosis infections.
Fortifier for the Immune System
Echinacom 2oz.
Fortifier for the Immune System
Echinacea Augustifolia 50% 2oz.
A powerful ally in the seasonal battle against the common cold, and a boost to the immune system.
Eczema HP
Relief of symptoms due to skin irritation and chronic skin eruptions.
Edema HP
Relief of symptoms due to tissue swelling, and edema, secondary to low blood protein, and liver or kidney dysfunction.
ELM 30c
Relieves overwhelmed conditions with feelings of inadequacy.
Relief of swelling with heat and inflammation, sore throat.
Relief of nervous exhaustion, mentally sluggish, easily fatigued, weak pulse, cold hands and feet, and muscular exhaustion
Endopar (Women)
Relief of menstrual pain and cramps, pain immediately prior to menses, sore breasts associated with menstruation.
Endopar M
Male Hormone Enhancer, relief of male hormonal imbalance
Enervimin C.V. Focus (20 tabs)
C.V. Focus is formulated for individuals affected by cardiovascular conditions
High-potency multivitamin mineral formula with additional nutrients to help support the immune system and protect cellular integrity.
Enervimin Joint Focus
Highly absorbable vitamins and minerals to support joint health in the presence of arthritic conditions.
Enervimin SGRMTB
Formulated for blood sugar regulation.
Enervimin Stress Focus
Formulated to boost the body's defenses against stress.
Formulated for environmental detoxification
Relief of head congestion and general exhaustion as a consequence of exposure to smog, dust, or industrial agents
EPA/GLA Complex 120 tabs
Excellent source for essential fatty acids (EFAs) from both marine and plant-based sources.
Estrogen 200C
RelieveS excessive bleeding, irregular menses, breast tenderness, dry skin, moodiness, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness and irritation
Estrogen Phenolic
Regulation of hormonal irregularities associated with emotional and physical swings in women.
Support for allergic conditions associated with hay fever, the common cold, bronchial conditions, and inflamed sinuses.
Female Sexual Energy Designed to help women with low libido

Flower Antigens
Relief of allergies due to flowers.
Relief of minor aches and pains in muscles and joints, fever with dryness of mucous membranes and dry cough, chilliness, and headaches.
Free Radistat
Relieve weakness, tiredness and general exhaustion.
Fungustat l
Supports your body in the detoxification of various molds and fungi (aspergili).

Fungustat I 2oz

Fungustat ll
Supports the body's detoxification from various candida infections
Fungustat II 2oz.
Gaba Caps
Helps encourage relaxation and supports healthy mood.
Gaba PH
Effective in neutralizing anger and hostility and its subsequent problems, such as high blood pressure
Relief of indigestion, flatulence, nausea, retching, vomiting after eating or drinking, minor burning in the stomach
Relief of indigestion, nausea, retching, vomiting after eating or drinking, minor burning pain
Digestive enzymes combined with stomach soothing herbs and probiotics make this the ultimate blend for gastro-intestinal comfort and health.
This combination fortifies the blood, lymph, liver and bowel.
Gencom 2oz.
Fortifies the blood, lymph, liver and bowel.
Genstat 4 oz.
Detoxification of the elimination centers
Gingercom 2oz.
To support digestion and healthy glucose metabolism
Glutathione 5x
Relief of chronic fatigue, muscle aches and pain, lowered immune response, and sensitivity to environmental chemicals.
Gonadal Herbal
Supports healthy weight management for the gonadal body type in Dr. Abravanel's Body Types system.
Gotacom 2oz.
Fortifier for the brain and endocrine system
Grain and Seed
Relief of allergies due to grains and seeds
Grippe HP
Relieves symptoms associated with the flu such as achiness, chills, headache, and fever
Detoxification of female ovaries, tubes, uterus, and cervix from infections.
Headache HP
elief of symptoms due to tension and pressure of the head, headache.
Relief of lack of appetite, especially among children, weakness because of loss of blood during heavy menses, paleness of the skin.
Relieves abdominal bloating and soreness, constipation alternating with diarrhea.
Relief of dyspepsia, flatulence, exhaustion and nausea as a consequence of constipation

Histastat Food
Relieves digestive symptoms, such as indigestion with flatulence and bloating and loss of weight, associated with problem foods.


Histastat Pollen
Detoxification of common pollen reactions. Histastat Pollen may temporarily relieve sinus congestion,  runny nose, and sneezing.

Household Antigens

Relief of symptoms assocaited with all chemicals used in homes
Fortifier for the biliary tract and gallbladder.
Hydrangeacom 2oz.
For anxiety and depression
Hypertcom 2oz
Fortifier for the circulatory system
Hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal support
Relief of symptoms due to virus-associated rashes and cold sores
Supports the detoxification of Herpes simplex 1 & 2 and Herpes Zoster infections.
I to O
Immunique Silver Enhances the immune system and to help shield the body from seasonal threats.
Detoxification of major industrial pollution
Infect HP
Relief of chronic fever, irritated throat, and cough due to bacterial and viral conditions.
Detoxification of various bacterial and viral infections
Supports healthy inflammation response and joint motility.
Inflammacon 2oz.
Inflammation Miasm
Relief of arthritis, rheumatism. joint pain, allergies, irritation of eyes and general inflammation.
Insomnia HP
Relief of symptoms due to fatigue and restlessness from inability to sleep
Intact Kidney Caps
Provides a freeze-dried form of bovine kidney to support healthy kidney function
Intact Liver Caps
Provides a freeze-dried form of bovine liver to support healthy liver function
Intact Multigland Caps
Provides vitamins and bovine glandulars to support immune and glandular health.
Relieves weak digestion, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea
Ivy Relief Gel (Cort Sym Gel)
Itchy skin irritations, inflammation and rashes due to eczema, dermatitis, insect bites, poison ivy. poison oak, poison sumac, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, jewelry; genital and anal itching.
Jambalucom 2oz.
To help support a healthy pancreas and liver.
Junicom 2oz.
Fortifier for the prostate.
K2 Vitamin (60 caps)
Supports moving calcium out of the arteries and into the bones.
Fortifier for the thyroid gland.
Kelpcom 2oz.
An important amino acid for cardiovascular health and circulation by supporting nitric oxide formation.
Relieves symptoms associated with lactic acid, such as muscle weakness, musle cramps and stiffness, and burning pain
Fortifier for the immune system

An important amino acid for cardiovascular health, mitochondrial support, and healthy utilization of fats by the body.


Promotes healthy digestive function. In Chinese medicine, it is known to address discomfort from chronic indigestion, heartburn, and stomach ulcers

Licrocom 2oz.
A fortifier for the adrenal glands
Life Choice Green Nutrition (Caps)
Packed with nutrients and antioxidants for cellular defense.
Relieves painful lower back with burning, sprains, general soreness and aching of tendons, ligaments and bones
Digestive enzymes featuring higher concentrations of Lipase to support the digestion of fats.
Supports the detoxification of fatty tissues (from chemical, insecticide and environmental pollutants). It is also beneficial for fatty liver.
Liver Clear 2oz.
To promote healthy liver function and detoxification.
Liver GallBladder HP
Relief of symptoms due to flatulence, constipation, belching, abdominal discomfort, liver gallbladder, hemorrhoids, Crohn's disease, cholesterol
Lomacom 2oz.
Herbal ointment that fortifies the skin. It has been used in cases of anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial situations. It also aids in the treatment of dry, cracked skin
Relief of aches and pains of joints and muscles as a consequence of infections
Lyme HP 2oz.
Detoxification of common infective agents of Lime disease
Lymph-clear 2oz.
To support to healthy lymphatic system function.
Relief of swollen tonsils or sore throat, and swollen irritated breasts prior to menses

Lymphastat B 2oz. (formerly Bactestat)
Detoxification of various bacterial infections.

Lymphastat V (2oz.) Formerly Virustat
Relief of viral conditions.
Lyrnphdrainex 2oz.
Relieves symptoms associated with lymphatic congestion, tendency to catch colds, fluid retention, and fatigue.
Mag Phos
Major mineral element of bones, teeth, brain, nerves and muscle cells (neuralgia).
Mag-Chlor 2oz
Symptoms of a magnesium deficiency include: weakness, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, shaking, twitching, and seizures.
Male Sexual Energy
Fast-Acting Spray Boosts Libido & Performance
Marine EPA
Source of EPA and DHA to support cardiovascular and mood health

Marine Omega 3 Pro (60 softgels)
Supports cardiovascular and mood health.

Melatonin Phenolic

At night it is released and we get sleepy.
Relieves symptoms associated with reactions to menadione
Menopause HP
Relief of symptoms due to autonomic dysregulation, dryness and irritation of the vagina.
May help with temporary relief of menopause symptoms
Mentox HP
Mental confusion, forgetfulness, and tendency toward depression
Detoxification from heavy metals
Milk Thistle
To support healthy liver functions in digestion and other processes.
Milk Thistle 2oz.
Mineral Magic Concentrate
Colloidal trace minerals provides highly absorbable forms of these trace minerals which are often lacking from the modern diet.
Mold Antigens
Relief of allergies due to molds
Fortifier for the respiratory system
Mulleincom 2oz.
Multi-Amino (100 caps)
Multi-Cell Salts
Relief of imbalances in cellular structure
Relieves emotional conflicts
Multi-Lipid 4oz.
To support cardiovascular and nervous system health
Relieves symptoms associated with sensitivities due to allergic responses
Fortifier for the sinuses
A fortifier for the blood
Relief of numbness and tingling; stiffness in nape of the neck and shooting pains with tingling, and burning pain and numbness
Relieves dizziness when riding or sitting, weak memory, feeling indifferent or confused.
Night Shade Antigens
Relieves symptoms associated with nightshade allergies
For chronic depression and hypertension
Nut Antigens
Relief of allergies due to nuts
Occulapar (Visiopar)
Eye support, prevention of cataracts and glaucoma
Olive Leaf 2oz. 25%
Supports healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, and the immune system.
Olive Leaf 25%
Olive Leaf 50%
In 50% alcohol has twice the concentration of olive leaf to supports healthy immune and cardiovascular function.
Olive Leaf 2 oz. 50%
OrganDrainex 4oz.
Organ Lymphatic Drainage
Fortifier for the skeletal system
Osteocom 2oz.
Bone support, osteoporosis.
relief of pain in lower back, with burning, soreness in the sacroiliac area, and pain in the joints and bones.
Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis.
Relief of aching, burning, tearing pains in muscles and bones
Ovarian Support. For temporary relief of painful menses and menstrual cramps.
P to Z
Pancreazyme Plus 60 caps
Pancreas digestive enzymes
Paracom 2oz.
Supports microflora balance and healthy bowel movement frequency
Parasite Detox (2oz.)
Parasite and worm infestation such as skin and intestinal disorder, itching, bloating, fatigue, and tendency to catch colds
Parasite Infection (2oz.)
Relieves symptoms associated with parasitic microorganisms such as diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever
Detoxification of various parasites.
Parathyroid Cord
Parathyroid Cord may temporarily relieve bone and muscle issues.


Parathyroid dysfunction, balances calcium metabolism. For relief of weakness of extremities, cramps in the calves, swelling of joints, sensitivity to cold, worse in winter.
Phenyl Isothiocyanate PH
Relieves symptoms associated with reactions to phenyl lisothiocyanate
Phloridzin PH
Relieves symptoms associated with reactions to phloridzin such as abnormalities related to sugar.
Phosphatidyl-Serine 30caps
Used for Alzheimer's disease, age-related decline in mental function, improving thinking skills in young people, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Physicians Choice
Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal support as well as other vital nutrients.
Pituistat 2oz
Detoxification of the central nervous system. Relief of mental sluggishness, confusion, weakness, lethargy, thirst and frequent urination.
Relief of symptoms of headache, irritabilities at onset of menses, vaginitis, endometriosis, fibrous breast, amenorrhea
Relieves symptoms associated with exposure to pollutants such as cough with expectoration and pressure upon the chest
For relief of dry, hacking cough, hoarseness, bronchial congestion and hay fever symptoms, difficulty breathing with tightness of chest from constriction of chest.
Pregnenolone 30 C
Once circulating in the bloodstream, it is converted into other hormones, including progesterone and DHEA.
Primazyme 180 caps
Plant-Based Enzyme Formula
Progesterone PH
A significant female hormone
Propolicom 2oz.
Supports a healthy immune system.
For relief of pain down thighs during efforts to urinate, great straining and constant urging when urinating (Prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy)

Psora Miasm
Relief of arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, allergies, irritation of eyes and general inflammation.


Pyostat (2 oz.)
Detoxification of blood and immune system support.

Pyloricom 2oz.
Helps support the stomach and intestines
Quercetin Phenolic
Relieves symptoms associated with reactions to quercetin
Regencom 2oz.
Restores balance to the body systems.
Relief of anxiety and stress.
Relief of sudden desire to urinate, urination difficult and scanty, and frequent urging on urination
Relieves pain in the abdomen extending around to the back, pain in the thighs and loins on urinating and frequent urination.
Kidney disease, acute kidney infection. Scanty, dark, offensive, pain in the back, sensation as if urine remained after urinating.
Rescue 5 - 30c
Helps to realign energies that have been disrupted by stresses - both physical and emotional.
Rescue 5 30c - 200c
Rescue 5 [200c]
Rescue5-30c-200c 2oz
Relieves trauma, terror, panic, tension, fear, and the effects of startling experiences.
Rheumatism HP
Relief of symptoms due to joint aches and pains, swelling rheumatism, gout
Rhus Tox 200C
For skin ailments such as, shingles, hives, fever blisters, chicken pox, poison ivy, and rashes with poison ivy appearance
Relieves scar tissue discomfort; scar tissue; old scars; and keloids.
Sciatica HP
Relief of symptoms of sharp pain in lower back and down the back of the legs, bursitis
Scrophularicom 2oz.
Fortifier for the lymph, spleen and liver
Relieve symptoms due to lymphatic issues; glandular swelling, fluid retention, and easily susceptible to infections.
Serotonin Phenolic
Useful for depression and obsessive- compulsive disorders.
Shingles Pain Relief
Relieves pain due to inflammation caused by but not limited to the following: itching and sensitivity, eruptions, blisters.
Sinuchron HP
Relief of sinusitis and chronic sinus infection, such as chronic catarrh of the sinuses.
Relief of allergic rhinitis with runny nose, nasal mucous with yellow green discharge, pain and swelling of sinus cavities and postnasal drip.
Addresses kidney stones naturally. Relieves pain, reduces inflammation
Solidagocom 2oz.
Spinapar may relieve minor back pain, stiffness, numbness, or tingling


Relief of weakness, weariness and flu-like symptoms.

Stomach Distress
Relieves upset stomach, nausea, bloating or stomach cramping
Relief of painless, clay colored diarrhea, eczema with itching, burning hay fever with offensive discharge running from the nose
Relief of nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, weakness, trembling, numbness, skin eruptions and cracking.
Throat Spray 2oz.
Relieving the pain and discomfort of sore throats.
Relieves irritated throat, fever, persistent cough, fatigue associated with flu
One drop provides you with 210 mcg of iodine
A key nutrient for thyroid function, and is recommended for radiation toxicity
Thyroid Herbal 2oz.
For the thyroid body type to nourish, detoxify and naturally decrease the appetite
Thyroid Homeopathic 2oz
For the thyroid body type to balance the glandular system and naturally stimulate weight loss.
Thyroid HP
Relief of symptoms due to�thyroid dysregulation, chronic fatigue, lowered metabolism and thyroid dysfunction
Relief of exhaustion and heaviness of the body, lowered metabolism, cough dry, croupy, difficulty swallowing and swollen throat.
Hyperthyroidism. Relief of difficult swallowing, flushed face, glaring eyes, excited mental state or nervousness
Tiinnitus HP
Relief of noises of the ears, such as ringing, buzzing, roaring.
Deroxification of tobacco intoxication
Trace Minerals Cord 2oz.
Relief from the symptoms of cramping pain, fatigue, dehydration, and nervousness.
Trauma Gel 2oz
Relief of bruises, swelling, muscle aches, tendonitis, tennis/golfer's elbow, sore neck, sprains, strains, pre-post work out, etc.
Relief of soreness afler exertion, pain and swelling in joints after strain or sprain, bruised joints and tendons
Tree Antigens
Relief of allergies due to trees
Trifolocom 2oz.
Fortifier for the lymphatic system and spleen
Relief of symptoms due to lowered immune response and chronic fatigue from recurring viral infection
Detoxification of the system from commonly used vaccinations
Varico HP
Swelling of veins in legs and hemorrhoids, varicosities, prolapses
Varicose Veins - Vv
Homeopathic Remedy for Varicose Veins
Vegetable Antigens
Relieves symptoms associated with vegetable allergies
Venus Fly Trap
Supports healthy immune function
Vertigo, motion sickness, Mesniere's disease
Relief of viral conditions.
Eye support, prevention of cataracts and glaucoma
Vital Male Sexual Energy
Fast-Acting Spray Boosts Libido & Performance
Weed & Grass Antigens
Relief of allergies due to weeds and grasses
Worrnwood Liquid Herbal
Is often used to address loss of appetite, and intestinal upset

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