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"MRT or Muscle Testing"
Learning the basics

  Testing for quality and needs
  Testing for dosage
  Mechanical Tests
  9 Main Reflexes and Specific Nutrients Points
  Blood Pressure & Stroke
  Eyes Reflexes
  Thyroid and Adrenals




1. Testee holds one arm perpendicular to the body at a 45 degree angle.
2. Tester places hand on testee's arm, between the elbow and the wrist, closest to the wrist.
3. Testee attempts to hold the arm upright while tester attempts to push it down with approximately 5 pounds of pressure.

NOTE: This is not a test of physical strength but of electrical strength. the tester should feel the arm "break" (the arm can be easily pushed down; the "lock" in the muscle breaks) when a weak system, point or comment is made. As the tester pushes on the testee's arm with one hand, the other hand is free to touch acupuncture points which are in need of testing i.e. vitamin C, minerals, iron, etc.

1. With my free hand I typically put my palm on the top of the clients head and test their arm with the other. The test should prove strong. In flipping the hand over, so the back of the hand is on the top of the head, the arm should go weak.

2. If the test came out different (the arm was strong on both tests; weak on both tests, or opposite of what it should have been), check the following for interference listed below.
(It is not essential for the tester to put his hand on someone's head. the clients can do it themselves if you or they wish it that way.)

First of all, even when a person is "reversed" or not testing properly you can still muscle test them to find what the interference is. This means there is some blockage in the body but as soon as you find it, the arm will register weakness whether the person is testable or not. The following is a list of things which might cause a person to be reversed or untestable.
If dehydration is the case, the electrolytes in the body are low, electrical charges are not being carried accurately.
If there is any subluxation (bones out of their normal position) the electrical currents, via the nerves, cannot flow properly.

The following should be checked in the order shown. Not for accuracy sake, but I have written them in the order of most common disorders as I have found them. Test by placing two fingertips on the area as described, or you can hold an area as in the case of joints.

1. Check the tip of the nose for dehydration
2. Check the ankles for subluxation
3. Check the cervicals of the neck- the sides
4. All other joints
5. Lack of Minerals (ask the person to hold a bottle of Mineral Chi or Ionic Minerals)
6. Tap gently on the thymus (lower part of the neck)

If a person was not testing properly to begin with, you should be able to locate the instigator in one of the above points.
If the above points do not come up as a problern, and a person is not testable, you will probably need to use a surrogate (a friend, a relative who will be tested in place of that person. The surrogate will touch the other person while being tested him/herself).

If one of the above points is identified (goes weak) it must be corrected.
In the case of dehydration, a person needs to supplement water, or check the sodium/ potassium levels in the body. If there is imbalance, the water cannot reach the cells.

In the case of a subluxation or joint problem, it is not essential to manipulate the joints. If the joint is out of alignment enough to throw the electrical system of the body off, it will self adjust simply by movement or rotation. Wiggle the joint in all directions. The goal is to loosen the muscles up enough to allow the bone to slide back into its proper location. Some cases will create a "popping" sound, some will not, it is not essential to the adjustment though is may be essential to some peoples psychological mind frame. If no popping sound is heard, retest initial joint. If it now tests strong, retest polarity and it should now show accuracy. If not, retest.

The simplest form of description that people seem to understand is in using a magnet. Let us create a magnet out of the body.
We know that the earth has a North polarity which makes the bottom of the feet a South polarity. The top of the head is north and this is why we can ground ourselves by walking in the grass or on the dirt; north is receiving and the feet, south, give its negative energies to the earth, creating a grounding effect.

The top of the hand is north as the top of the head is, which makes the palm a south polarity.
When the palm is placed on the top of the head, there is a north polarity (the top of the head is north) and the palm is south. We know that this is positive attraction.

When the hand is flipped over, however, you now have a north pole against a north pole and the body will short circuit every system in the body which creates a weak muscle.
Just as two north poles on a magnet will not attract.