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"MRT or Muscle Testing"
Learning the basics

  Testing for quality and needs
  Testing for dosage
  Mechanical Tests
  9 Main Reflexes and Specific Nutrients Points
  Blood Pressure & Stroke
  Eyes Reflexes
  Thyroid and Adrenals




Therapy Localization is a fabulous technique that can be utilized in any form of testing you are presently using.
It may be defined as a form of testing that will show you the difference between primary and secondary problems, or the difference between cause and effect.
In other words, if you find several points testing weak on your client, be it nutritional evaluation or simply physical pain,Therapy Localization would tell you which is the primary and which is secondary.
This means that you can find out which is causing which!

Is the physical pain coming from an emotion, or is it the physical pain causing the emotion?

Anyone involved in a kind of testing will usually find several things wrong with their client. Many people will try to fix all of these, thinking that all of them are in need of help.
Most of the time, however, there is one or perhaps a couple of problems causing the rest of the problems, and this is called the primary. You will find that in fixing this primary problem, the rest of the problems, known as secondary problems, will simply disappear.

This scenario may be related to an oil leak in your car.
Let us imagine that you found oil leaking out of one of the hoses in you car. If you simply wiped the excess oil away, it would seem to solve the problem ... temporarily the symptom would appear to be corrected, but if you fixed the hole the oil was leaking out of, the oil would stop leaking forever. Otherwise, the symptom would come back as soon as you drIve the car again, and you would have to keep wiping the drip away.

Therapy Localization allows you to check the primary, secondary, tertiary, or even deeper.
Simply put, you would be able to find what the cause and effect is. Which is the cause, and which is the effect. As I said, by fixing the cause, all the effects will disappear. Therapy Localization takes the guess work out of health and allows us to treat as professionals.


Examples are the best learning experiences, so allow me to create one: Let us say a testing procedure found heart, thyroid and kidneys weak.
In order to find out if fixing one would fix them all, we need to energize one; make it think it is strong, which will make any secondary problems become strong as well. There are two ways of doing this.

1. You could take a supplement that is good for the heart and test it against the heart by holding it on the heart point. If it made the heart test strong, you could have the client hold it and then go back and test the kidneys and thyroid. If suddenly the kidneys and thyroid tested strong, I would say that the heart was the primary and by fixing it, the others go well. In other words, kidney and thyroid were some how weak due to a heart problem.

2. Instead of holding a product or supplement you could simply touch the heart and follow the same procedure. Let's use the thyroid this time; have the client put one hand on the thyroid which muscle testing the other arm. You are now "Therapy Localizing" the thyroid and it will be strong.
With the client touching the thyroid, you can go back and test the kidney and heart. If they both test strong, you can assume they are secondary to the thyroid condition.
This could also be done by holding a product which energized the thyroid such as kelp (same as step # 1). If the product were good for the thyroid and the thyroid was primary, the heart and kidneys would test strong.

In other words, Therapy Localization can be done simply by touching a test point and energizing that point. If it is a primary to any other point, that point will suddenly test strong, which indicates that addressing the primary will automatically strengthen the secondary points.

Can you treat all the areas that were weak?
Sure, but then you are treating symptoms, which is not the best unless there are symptoms that need to be relieved with extra supplementation or treatment to those secondary areas.

Another example might be the nutrients iron and B12.
These are both essential for the body function, but do we need to supplement them both? This all depends on which one is primary. It just so happens that B12 is the intrinsic factor for iron utilization, but what if the body had enough B12?
We could find this out by testing the iron point, and if weak, holding an organic iron supplement against the body.
If the iron test point suddenly became strong, then iron would be the correct supplement. If the point still tested weak, I might think the body have enough iron, but it was not being utilized. In this case, l would hold B12 against the iron point and retest. If suddenly the iron point became strong, this would confirm that the body does not need iron, it has a supply but it needs the B12 to utilize it. If both tested, then perhaps both should be given.

Products should be tested against the point they are supposed to be correcting.
If a point tests weak, one should not simply test a product against the body in a general way. The body may say all kinds of things are good, but are they specifically good for the condition, the weakness you are trying to correct?
This can be determined by holding a product against the point being tested. In other words, if the iodine point tests weak, have the client hold the iodine rich product (perhaps kelp) which you go back and retest the specific iodine point. If the point tests strong, it indicates that kelp is not only good for the body, but it will correct the iodine problem.

In Therapy Localization, there maybe more than one primary.
I realize that my example only shows one, but there may be more. For example, putting the hand on the thyroid may have made the heart strong, but not the kidneys. In this case, the heart would have been secondary to the thyroid, but the kidney problem was its own separate problem having nothing to do with the thyroid.

This next procedure is useful in identifying the true cause or primaries as well.
It is useful in tracing phantom pains to their source, or perhaps identifying the primary cause to your systemic weaknesses. In other words, the system is causing problems because it has become a HOST for some disease causing agent.
Balancing the nutrition will help, but once there is an invading "agent", it is helpful to know what it is in order to address it more directly


If you found that the liver was showing weakness because it had parasites in it, you might treat it different than if you found yeast in the liver. Nutritionally you would treat it with whatever you found weak, but supplementally as well as diet wise, you might treat the program differently

It is important to know that in Bio-Kinetic Testing, focus is built around the fact that we let the body tell us what is wrong in the order which the body considers the primary. In other words, I have tested people that have shown no problems in parasites when testing the parasite point.

If I were to find a pancreas weakness, I could go ahead and track it to its "disease causing agent" to find that parasites are the problem in the pancreas. The reason the parasites did not show in the general parasite point is because the parasites are not the primary bodily condition. In other words, the body needs something dealt with before it can go ahead and deal with the parasite problem.

Let us say that someone comes in and tests weak on the thyroid test point and you are interested in finding out what exactly is wrong with the thyroid.
We know that the thyroid needs iodine to do its job properly but we can test to see if there is one of these "disease causing agents", or if it is nothing more than the iodine deficiency; nutritional problems.
Tracking is done by first identifying a weakness such as the thyroid.
You then take one hand and test the thyroid on the palm side over the thyroid, and then the back of the hand over the thyroid. Which ever side of the hand tests weak is the side of the hand we will be using for tracking.

Let us say the arm goes weak when the back of the hand is placed over the thyroid (you will find with experience that the back is almost always the weak side). With the side of the hand that tested weak, let us use the back of the hand, you want to rub the thyroid out.
There are two things to remember in "rub outs":
1. The front of the body always gets rubbed down toward the feet
2. The back of the body always gets rubbed up toward the head.

The thyroid is on the front of the body so with the side of the hand that the weakness was found, the weak area over the thyroid should be rubbed down in light strokes toward the floor about 6 times. Upon retesting the thyroid point after rubbing down, the thyroid should test strong.

The rub out is a temporary energizing of the thyroid.
For about 30 seconds, the thyroid will temporarily be "erased" in order for the body to show its primary weakness. It would be like wondering what was causing the orange in your pizza, so you rub the cheese off to find the true cause of the orange being pizza sauce.
Once the rub out occurs, you have about 30 seconds to find the "disease causing agent", although you can rub out more than once to extend the testing time. Where ever the weakness occurs, this is the primary problem occurring in the thyroid.

In other words, let us say you test for parasites, candida, chemicals, etc., and nothing goes weak, but when you go back to a nutrition point, perhaps iodine, the arm goes weak, this tells us the thyroids primary problem is iodine or simple nutritional deficiencies.
There is not yet a disease causing agent or it is minimal enough so the iodine or some other nutritional supplement will correct it sufficiently

Let us say the heart tests weak. You can take the front and back side of the hand to see which is the weak side. Let us say the back side is the weak side again. You then take the back side and test it against the "disease causing primaries" or any other test point you wish to associate with the original heart weakness (liver, vitamin E, potassium, heart valves, etc.).