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Mother's Month At Four Winds!  

To celebrate Mother’s Month at Four Winds we are happy to offer a 5% discount on all products purchased on our site from today to May 30 included. Don’t forget to type in the coupon code “mom5” when checking out.

In addition receive 25% off the Body Systems Consultation (Local or Long Distance)
Reduced from $45 to $33.75

So many of you are truly enthusiastic about this type of consultation – Here is why...
1) It makes sense… If one body system is not functioning properly it will affect the rest of the systems.
2) Each system’s ‘energy’ is measured from 0 to 10.  Once we identify the weaker systems we recommend the proper nutritional support.
3) After three weeks, a follow up consultation will reveal improvements in the system energy levels and positive feedback from you the client! The ultimate proof that our body system evaluation brings renewed energy and overall wellness!
4) We not only address all body systems we also include the level of Stress, Toxicity (including Heavy Metal), Yeast and Pathogens on a scale of 0 to 10.

Consultation with Christian or Lauren

To reserve a time and date for your consultation please call us at 407.740.8012

At my first consultation, Christian measured the energy levels of my body systems with his pendulum.  I was surprised to see how accurate he was in his assessment.  Those systems he identified as weak were those I knew were weak.  He provided a plan and reassurance that I could strengthen those weaknesses and feel better, which is exactly what happened.  Thank you, Christian. 
TD in Denver CO

Lauren is pure joy to consult with! Her enthusiasm is so communicative that I felt so much better after having spend only 30 minutes with her! She was able to pinpoint with accuracy my weaknesses and offer the proper nutritional support. A week later I can seriously say that my health and energy is so much better! Thank you Lauren!
Gab. Orlando FL


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All Nature' Sunshine bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled material

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Lauren Meena, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP)

What is The Emotion Code©?

The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a simple and fast method to find and remove negative emotional energy from the body. When the body's normal processing is interrupted, energies of intense emotional experiences remain stuck in one’s physical body and can distort the normal energy flow. These ‘stuck’ emotions can result in depression, anxiety, phobias, mental illnesses, PTSD, physical pain, illness, and disease. 

How does Emotion Code work?
Using kinesiology (muscle testing), Lauren connects with a client’s subconscious to quickly help identify and release these blockages and associated emotions, allowing the body to resume its natural healing process, often resulting in a reversal of disease symptoms and disappearance of emotional and physical ailments.
The Emotion Code operates under the premise that the subconscious holds all of the answers needed to assist the mind, body, and spirit in regaining balance. 

Christian Domergue
Energy Wellness & Body Systems Treatment Since 1994

The key factor in maintaining health in the body is to first strengthen all "body systems" that might be weak. In this way, the body is given a better chance to adapt to the stresses of life, and heal. Like the musicians who make up an orchestra, the body systems -digestive, hepatic, intestinal, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular and structural -must all work in harmony.
Many of us are aware of the folly of having a client go to a heart specialist for the heart, a kidney specialist for the kidneys, and a urologist for the bladder. In many cases, none of the doctors know about any of the other doctors treating that same client. Each doctor is concentrating on his own specialty, often ignoring the dynamic interrelationships between all the "body systems" and the importance of synchronicity in their activities.
Energy Medicine supports the body's innate ability to heal itself at all levels. It enhances the body's natural synchronization to enable it to repair its own parts more rapidly.


Seeds Of Knowledge

Age Defiance Pro

It addresses the signs and symptoms of aging in a natural and balanced way as it may relieve symptoms associated with premature aging,

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Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and are absolutely necessary for survival. Protein comprises approximately three-fourths of the body's dry weight, one quickly realizes how vital it is to health.

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Great Support From Energique


Gastrozyme™ features digestive enzymes combined with stomach-soothing herbs and probiotics to make this the ultimate blend for gastrointestinal comfort and health.


Detoxification of female ovary/tubes/uterus/cervix. It relieves menstrual pain and vaginal irritation. It stimulates the body to eliminate a wide range of toxic substances.


What People Are Saying

I have come seeking Christian’s treatment and wisdom many a times. Not only I have used his treatments but also my kids. As they were smaller and got sick, Christian would be instrumental in getting them out of a crisis – be it an infection, high fever, stomach, you name it.
This is such a wonderful place, my parents have been going here since I was younger. Now I’m having problems and they took me to Christian. He is the most amazing person ever.
I would highly recommend this place to anyone. He can help you.
One of the best out there! So grateful for Christian and his expertise, wisdom and insight. Not only compassionate and understanding, but truly as elite as it gets in the world of health and wellnes. He has been such a gift to my family.

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