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A truly authentic essential oil is one of the plant kingdom’s greatest gifts. For centuries they have been prized as remarkable flavors, fragrances and most notably as potent remedies. Wellness seekers through the ages have discovered that when these precious aromatic liquids are delivered in their original, unaltered state, they profoundly and safely cleanse, protect, rejuvenate and elevate the body and mind.

100% Authentic

Essential oils are most effective when in their authentic, natural state. When NSP began offering essential oils more than 15 years ago, we discovered many competitive oils on the market had been altered, standardized and enhanced for flavor, fragrance and economic advantage. Nature’s Sunshine raised the bar. We guaranteed that our oils were 100% authentic.


It takes 3,000 lemons to make 2 pounds of essential Oil. That means 1 drop of lemon oil is equal to 20 lemons!
Imagine though if you were using lemons that had been exposed to pesticides. Those toxins might also concentrate in the oil product. With Nature's Sunshine authentic lemon oil (or any NSP oils) you can have confidence in our zero pesticide tolerance. All our products will always be pesticide free.


Bergamot. Revitalize and Overcome. Bergamot is a sweet, citrusy scent used to ease tension and fear.
Lemon. Crisp and Clean. The clean and crisp aroma of lemon has a remarkable cleansing effect on body and home.
Pink Grapefruit.
Uplift and Energize. The fresh and distinct aroma of pink grapefruit is celebrated for its uplifting effects.
Red Mandarin. Serene and Tranquil. Red Mandarin’s sweet, tangy and warm scent is known to invoke tranquility to body and soul.

Clary Sage. Ease and Brighten. Clary Sage has a hearty, herbaceous aroma that has the ability to ease stress associated with monthly menstrual cycles and menopause. Lemon Grass. Invigorate and Soothe. This fresh and earthy scent is naturally an efficacious and purifying element.
Oregano (Wild). Cleanse and Defend. Wild Oregano has a powerful, zesty aroma often used for its cleansing effect.
Patchouli. Balance and Maintain. This rich, earthy aroma with a subtle fruity accent is renowned for its calming skin benefits.
Sweet Marjoram. Relax and Support. Marjoram’s herbaceous and spicy aroma has a calming effect on body and mind.
Thyme (Wild)
. Stimulate and Revive. This penetrating, warm aroma is often used to ease fatigue.


Geranium. Strengthen and Nourish. Geranium’s rich, floral scent is cherished for its toning and nourishing attributes.
Repair and Recover.This powerful aroma can be described as floral zest and is often associated with skin health.
Lavender. Restful and Radiant. Lavender’s signature scent has long been valued for its calming properties.
Chamomile, Roman. Sensitive and Reassuring. This natural and potent floral aroma is the most versatile of the chamomile family.
Comfort and Affection. Rose is a complex, sweet aroma that has been used for centuries in perfumes and love agents.
Love and Peace. This smooth and intense floral scent has been used in enhancing sexual mood for centuries.
Neroli. Powerful and Captivating. Made from the blossoms of bitter orange trees, this floral citrus oil is recognized for its nuturing properties.
Ylang Ylang Complete. Balance and Desire. This sweet, exotic floral aroma provides an uplifting and sensual experience.


Cinnamon Leaf. Sensitive and Reassuring. This warm and spicy aroma kindles the spirit and body.
Clove Bud.
Relieve and Fortify. Clove’s spicy and rich aroma is instantly recognizable and is a trusted source for emotional relief.


Frankincense. Center and Elevate. This rich aroma is famous for its meditative and elevating properties.
Myrrh (Wild).
Resilient and Robust. Myrrh has a robust and spicy scent and has long been associated with strength and endurance.
Sandalwood. Harmonize and Infuse. This luxurious aroma is rich and lasting and is often associated with its harmonizing effects.


Eucalyptus. Cool and Refresh. This cooling and refreshing scent provides a stimulating experience for body and mind.
Peppermint.Fresh and Vigorous. This strong and minty-fresh aroma is widely used to freshen and invigorate mood.
Pine Needle.
Recharge and Revitalize. The familiar, fresh pine aroma conjures a feeling of the crisp, clean woods.
Rosemary (Wild). Clear and Present. This clear and fresh scent has long been revered by healers for its versatile properties.
Tea Tree Oil.
Restore and Sustain. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) is a fresh, medicinal-scented oil that is famous for its restorative properties.


Breathe Deep. Take a deep breath and exhale. This clearing blend will have you breathing deep and clear in no time.
Changes. Women's Health Blend. Changes helps women ease the symptoms that are traditionally associated with PMS or the transitional phase of menopause.
Balancing Blend. Always remember to BE YOURSELF. Achieve a natural balance and sense of purpose with this supportive and unique blend.
Essential Shield. Shield yourself against the changing seasons with this protective formula.
Inspire. Uplifting Blend. Inspire greatness in yourself and those around you with this uplifting and fresh blend.
Soothing Blend. Apply this deep, cool and penetrating blend to muscles after workout.
. Calming Blend. Allow REFUGE to be your daily safe haven. As daily stresses and worries accrue, REFUGE will be your beacon for peace and serenity.
Tei-Fu. Soothing Blend. Invigorate the mind and ease the body with this soft and refreshing blend. This blend is like yoga to your soul.

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