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Body Systems Evaluation
I am really excited about the regimen you’ve put together for me.  You have really given me hope and for the first time in a long time, some peace.  You have a Divine gift and a calming, reassuring presence which is part of your gift  I guess :)
Albert Schweitzer said “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others”.  Thank you for fulfilling your purpose.

Gallstones and an inflamed liver
I have been a client of Four Winds Nutrition for 11 years, starting on a New Years Eve night having just being diagnosed with Stage Four breast cancer.  With Beatrice and Christian's guidance, nutritional help and daily bio-energetic treatments for four months, the breast tumor was reduced by 60% and started the beginning of a remission stage until I was fully healed.  I remain cancer free to this day without having chemotherapy or surgery.   I have continued to seek out both Beatrice and Christian's help in keeping healthy. I have been treated by Christian with his bio-energy wand many times and have seen marked improvement with whatever health concern I was dealing with at the time, whether it be a cold etc..  Particularly an instance where I was dealing with gallstones and an inflamed liver.  Until I was able to completely clear the stones away and the inflammation, I suffered with severe gastric problems on an ongoing basis.  Christian's treatment always alleviated it for me immediately and I truly believe was a strong factor in changing the energetic imbalance in my body that was causing the problem in the first place.  I would recommend bio-energetic treatments for any health imbalance you are dealing with.   
Susan Z Rich
Holistic Therapist Counselor 
White Wings Foundation

Hip and shoulder pain
For some time I had suffered great pain in my left shoulder and left hip socket. It would wake me up early in the morning and last for 3 to 4 hours before it would subside. Christian gave me one of his wonderful bio-energy session. The next a.m. I was up early with no pain and could work without stopping. Energy galore but the most exciting "side effect" was no pain in my hip or shoulders. It still has not returned after 2 weeks.
By the way, I just turned 68 years of age...
Mary Schultz

The pain in my knees is reduced
... also, I am so grateful for you taking the time to spend with me last night. I do feel so much better today -- especially my energy level.  The pain in my knees is reduced. When I prayed this morning, I thanked God for sending a healing angel to me. 
Debra Dossa

Be it an infection, high fever, stomach, you name it 

I have come seeking Christian’s treatment and wisdom many a times. Not only I have used his treatments but also my kids. As they were smaller and got sick, Christian would be instrumental in getting them out of a crisis – be it an infection, high fever, stomach, you name it.  
I also have visited Christian innumerous instances. One occasion in particular I was about to take my license  board exam and I was becoming anxious, and the symptoms of anxiety were increasing, I left Christian’s office feeling a lot better than when I had arrived. In his wisdom, Christian balances our energies and checks the different parts of our body. It is a great treatment also to help detox the body. I highly recommend for everyone.
Flavia Lima Cipollaro

Pains in the right breast
I have been with Christian for the past 5 months with weekly treatments to help with my energy level, pains in the right breast. After each session, I can see an immediate improvement in both the level of energy and the pain. Sometimes the pain is completely gone for several days. Another wonderful "side effect" of Christian's session is that I can sleep so much better afterwards as it calms me down completely.
Sylvie Gruseck

Pains in the shoulders, neck and awful headaches - Long distance healing
Christian, I went yesterday to the chiropractor, today to two massage therapists and I still have those horrible pains. When I bend down and up again, I feel like there is enormous pressure in my head and it huts so bad that I want to scream each time.
I just talk to you over the phone for a long distance healing session and I feel so much better ... thank you Chrstian!
Dawn Mateer

Distance Healing

Energy healing is something I can not explain but have experienced.  It is a gift that Christian posesses to help others...he has helped me on many occasions, even at long distances on many occasions.  
Diana Yarusinski

Big Toe Pain
I just wanted to tell you that after I left your offive my toe (joint) was killing me.  I mean it really HURT!  By the time I got home it had calmed down and then the next morning the pain had pretty much disappeared.  YEAH and thank you soooo much! Now it only hurts when I bend it certain ways or wear certain shoes.  The redness and swelling have pretty much gone down.  It’s amazing what you do.  Thank you!
Janet Kalicak

... at 45 years old I had lost interest in my sex life which affected my relationship with a loving husband. After a wonderfull session with Christian and an improved diet "things" finally came back to normal!
T. K

This is such a wonderful place, my parents have been going here since I was younger. Now I’m having problems and they took me to Christian. He is the most amazing person ever.
I would highly recommend this place to anyone. He can help you.
Christina Lopez

One of the best out there! So grateful for Christian and his expertise, wisdom and insight. Not only compassionate and understanding, but truly as elite as it gets in the world of health and wellnes. He has been such a gift to my family.
Crystal Richardson

Christian is super knowledgable and so insightful! The thing I most appreciate is his genuine sense of care for his client's
Sylvia Ferrero

Christian at Four Winds Nutrition has been keeping my husband and I healthy for over 20 years. He and his team are very knowledgeable about Nature Sunshine products. We use everything from smart shakes, oils, Cell food, C-herb and more.
Vickie Corpuz

I have been using Nature's Sunshine Products since 1997. My experience has been nothing short of spectacular. For daily use and promoting wellness throughout my body, these products are a clear testimonial in fighting disease and offering
Marianne Shane

Four Winds has a user-friendly website, provides quality products and easy to understand information. Christian is extremely knowledgeable, interested, and able to help with specific concerns. You receive personalized attention. You get honest, caring advice and the products really work!!
Terri Day

Great experience, I have ordered some products from Four Winds Nutrition, I received them on time and I was very satisfied with the products and the service, the most amazing is that when I called to know how to use the products, I had a real person on the phone who could help me.
Madeleine Daniélou

Excellent services, caring, honest and kind
Connie Maginnis

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