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"MRT or Muscle Testing"
Learning the basics

  Testing for quality and needs
  Testing for dosage
  Mechanical Tests
  9 Main Reflexes and Specific Nutrients Points
  Blood Pressure & Stroke
  Eyes Reflexes
  Thyroid and Adrenals



Just why does a muscle suddenly go weak?

This can best be answered by explaining that the body has a defense mechanism. When we perceive danger, we duck, run, pull our hand from a hot object, etc. The autonomic nervous system also has a defense system. It reacts when a stimuli comes into its range of perception, either positively or negatively. A negative "micro-shock" along one of the nerve pathways causes a reaction which is passed along the approximately I billion miles of nerve pathways within one second, and registers in applied kinesiology as a sudden but temporary weakening of all muscles (perhaps of 20 second duration). This "micro-shock" occurs, in fact, to either an actual stimuli or when stored data is retrieved from the ... computer memory bank"

Scientists know that every experience has been permanently recorded in the subconscious mind by electromagnetic coding. (Why can't a computer be more like a brain? High Technology, Aug. 1984.) Even surgery does not destroy individual memories which "were merely impaired, not destroyed, by surgery, and hence must be distributed throughout the brain". (Ibid. p.35) Thus these memories may be retrieved, including an interpretation as our body/mind has done, or better said, as it has had an effect either positive or negative on our body/mind and emotions. A negative response will register as a weakening of the muscle; likewise a very strong positive response will register as increased energy tothe muscles.
Thus relevant information of the present or the past may be obtained by:
1) Testing any particular organ, system, or nerve pathway by touch.
2) Bringing into the body's electro-magnetic field (about 1 cm of anybody part -there are receptors which sense the product in every part of the body including the skin) any food, drug, or other substance. Anything may be brought within the bodys electromagnetic field in order to get the body's response to that "thing", be it positive or negative.
3) Speaking audibly concerning any fact or data previously experienced by the body and, therefore, permanently encoded in its incredible "computer system" maybe retrieved.
4) With the proper training and experience, retrieval is possible with no more than a thought. This is possible as nothing can be spoken without a thought, so the verbal step is simply eliminated.
Properly used the accuracy can be well over 90%, and can bee confirmed by other tests.
Placebo tests and double-blind studies have proven to be up to 97% accurate.
The body is indeed an incredible and sophisticated organism, far superior to man-made inventions. Inventions, in fact, are but reflections of the 10% of the brain we consciously use (according to science). The other 90% is still unused, yet much of this work is a reflection of the incredible ability that other 90% contains.

Kinesiology is no more than tapping a small part of that 90% which is even subconscious or instinctive. For this reason, it is said that this method is more reliable than the technology presently used by man, created by his 10% brain capacity.

But is this truly scientific?
There must be a gimmick! Let us not forget that "science" doubted the EKG box for 30 years but now it is standard procedure at all hospitals. How can 4 wires bandaged to your chest extenally tell a doctor exactly what your heart is doing internally. It is a mystery to the average person, but a doctor understands those nerve pathways and learned to interpret what the machine tells him, and though it would seem like "hieroglyphics" to some. Or how can 2 leads hooked on a car or that stick they put in the exhaust pipe tell the mechanic what is going on inside the engine? An electrical engineer couId probably explain it, but as weird as it may seem to us, we rarely question the mechanic's judgment. Why question the body?

Few understand the technology, though, and most are raised to go to the medicaI institutions to be drugged for all their complaints; perhaps its time to let the body inform us of its problems instead of getting them secondarily from another machine. The bodie DOES NOT lie!

Muscle testing is extremely accurate if used properly.
It takes much of the guesswork out of diagnosing and deciding which foods or supplements to use or avoid and help with dosage or toleration levels. It is extremely vital to determining what deficiencies should be worked on to avoid degeneration and malnutrition, therefore preventing full blown health issues. So we are assuming that some part of the brain knows exactly what is going on in the body.

"The brain", like the physician, diagnose the state of the body.
Rather than periodically, however, it does it by the milli second twenty four hours a day. Because the brain is directly connected to every cell or group of cells in the body, it not only makes the perfect diagnosis, but orders the perfect response. Unlike the physician, there is no guess work by the brain. It knows exactly how to meet the body's need and it is the ultimate physician."
(Category II, "Introductions to Sacro-occipital technic.")

Thus the nerve pathways record, in the brain, every abnormality, inflammation, toxin, tumor, nerve blockage, or foreign object and knows where it is as well as having the instinctive intelligence to know what is good or bad for it! The only limitation is either raw materials, knowledge, or the influence of conscious stupidity.
We know that wild animals act on these instincts and they use those things from the earth to supplement and heal.

Kinesiology is simply a method to tap into this inner wisdom of the body when the outer wisdom has been brain washed by technology, custom or advertisement.
Able to handle 50,000 synaptic inputs in each single neuron as compared to a maximum of 64 (perhaps more, but less than one hundred) by the micro-processor computer.
We would be correct in assuming that the computer in the body knows better than your conscious mind (which created the machines presently relied on for diagnosis) what is good for it.
Would we also be correct in assuming that the Creator of such a wonderfully complex mechanism as the body would have a way to diagnose it? (Muscle Testing, Iridology, Physical Diagnosis -looking at the lines, wrinkles, intentions, etc.) The Creator created those things needed to heal that complex mechanism known as the human body.