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Manufacturer Energique

Apis Cord - Allergic Reaction Rescue - 1oz.

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May help to alleviate allergic responses from food, environmental exposures or reactions that induce redness, itching, swelling, heat, skin blotching or sudden headache.


5 parts Apis Mellifica 200c, 3 parts Apis Mellifica 30x, 2 parts Apis Mellifica 12x.

About Allergic Responses

Symptoms are the body's warning sign that it cannot deal with an allergen. Regardless of its origin, a response from food, an insect bite, environmental toxin, or medications, it can be life-threatening and you should seek professional assistance.

Acute Response

6 drops under tongue, hold for 1 minute then swallow. Repeat every 3-6 minutes as needed. If no relief after 3 doses, seek medical care immediately.

Chronic Response

6 drops under tongue, hold for 1 minute then swallow. Use 1-3 times per week.
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