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TS-II w/Hops (100 caps)
A rich source of organic iodine (and other trace minerals) needed by both over- and under-active thyroid glands.
List Price: $24.20
Price: $16.10
Thyroid Activator (100 caps) UNAVAILABLE UNTIL MID JULY
From Nature's Sunshine - NSP - Kelp and watercress - natural iodine sources. THYROID ACTIVATOR has been used when there is enlargement of the thyroid, prostate, lymph and other glands.
List Price: $21.75
Price: $14.45
Thyroid Support (60 caps)
From Nature's Sunshine - NSP - Support the thyroid gland. Enhances the production of the thyroid hormones, which regulate oxygen use, basal metabolic rate, cellular metabolism, growth and development and body temperature.
List Price: $30.20
Price: $20.10
Target TS II (90 caps) -TargettsII - Targetts2
Thyroid iodine combination from Stan Malstrom. Target TS II also contains targeted minerals and amino acids.
List Price: $40.95
Price: $27.25
Kelp (100 caps) (ko)
From Nature's Sunshine - High-mineral seaweed that regulates metabolism. Iodine is important for thyroid disorders (both overactive and under-active) and obesity.
List Price: $19.00
Price: $12.65
Bladderwrack - 4 oz.
Beneficial for maintaining muscle strength and supporting healthy thyroid function.*
List Price: $37.75
Price: $34.75
Kelpcom 1 oz.
Fortifier for the thyroid
List Price: $15.00
Price: $14.75
Kelpcom 2 oz.
Fortifier for the thyroid gland.
List Price: $21.00
Price: $20.75
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