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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Thyroid Support (60 caps)

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Don't let your thyroid lose out. Get "Thyroid Support"
As one of the body's primary glands, the thyroid exerts control over several critical functions, including maintaining body temperature, digestive enzyme development, stomach acid production, fuel combustion, fat and protein synthesis, white blood cell synthesis and activity, blood flow and even biosynthesis and activity level of sex hormones.

NSP Thyroid Support is loaded with nutrients that offer support and stimulation to the many activities of the thyroid gland.

Thyroid Support enhances the production of the thyroid hormones, which regulate oxygen use, basal metabolic rate, cellular metabolism, growth and development and body temperature.

Glandular thyroid substances from New Zealand are key to this formula.
Thyroid Support also contains 1-tyrosine, which acts as a precursor to epinephrine and norepinephrine, to help the body deal with stress, plus kelp (a good source of iodine) and stinging nettle.
Iodine regulates thyroid gland function.

Other ingredients include zinc, copper citrate, pyridoxal-5 -phosphate, protease and manganese.

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