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Product ID 1072
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Cellular Detox (100 caps) (ko)
Formerly Known as "All Cell Detox"

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Similar to the Hoxey cancer prevention formula.
Prevention for tumors, fibroid cysts, breast lumps, polyps.
A very important, general, whole-body cellular cleanser.

When the body is clean and healthy, the immune system functions better and tissues are more robust.

Do not neglect colon cleansing if needed.
Psyllium hulls, Three or LOCLO can be used for bulk fiber.
LBS II can be used to loosen and stimulate bowel movement.

Do not cleanse heavily if building is needed first.

if anemia, emaciation, vertigo or chronic debility.

Gentian, irish moss, cascara sagrada, goldenseal, fenugreek, comfrey, black walnut, parthenium, myrrh, safflower, yellow dock, barberry, dandelion, buchu, chickweed, catnip, cyani flower.

Steven Horne's Comments...
Cellular Detox is a general cleansing formula that supports all of the eliminative systems.
It helps to stimulate bowel and kidney function while aiding detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Its principle ingredient, gentian, is an excellent simple bitter for the digestive tract. It also contains the blood purifiers yellow dock and dandelion and the fragrant bitter black walnut.
Two alkaloidal bitters, goldenseal and oregon grape root, containing the antimicrobial alkaloid berberine are also part of this formula.
Cellular Detox has been used for conditions such as acne, skin eruptive diseases, body odor, breast lumps, cysts, fibroids, polyps, parasites and tumors.
It works best as part of an overall cleansing program that includes drinking plenty of water and taking fiber and digestive enzymes such as Food Enzymes.
Try taking 2 capsules with a large glass of water two or three times daily.

The capsule contents can also be emptied and mixed with water to make a poultice to apply topically for cysts.
Cellular Detox is part of the Tiao He Cleanse, a great general cleanse for the entire body.

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