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Treating Sinusitis
Reprinted from Sunshine Sharing

Bad breath may signal more than a needed change in your brand of mouthwash. Halitosis, insomnia, a dull ache over the eyes, ringing or pain in the ears, loss of weight or appetite, an irritable, miserable feeling, depression, and chills followed by fever often indicate the onset of sinusitis.

Sinus problems frequently occur when sinuses are plugged or swollen. The sinus cavities are a complex system of air cells. These are located in groups around your nose, in the forehead between the eyebrows, under the eyes and beside the nostrils. The openings are seldom larger than the thickness of the lead in a pencil.

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Ordinarily, by blowing our noses or sneezing, the expulsion of air through the nasal passage creates a vacuum that draws the mucus out of these tiny openings into the nasal cavity. However, when these openings are swollen shut or otherwise plugged, the sinuses are unable to drain. The resulting sinus congestion can lead to chronic infection, a “stuffy” head and sinus headaches.

In addition, whenever one or more of the eight sinus cavities become blocked, mucus secretions back up to create both pressure and a breeding ground for germs.

The antiseptic property of mucus has its limitations and is worn down and deteriorates just like food breaks down and decays as it ages. When this occurs some people resort to the wrong tactics to clear their sinuses. They dosed themselves for weeks with nasal decongestants that shrink the membranes, but the tissues swell right up again. Any medicine used in the nose can irritate membranes and cause them to lose their elasticity. After the membrane’s tone is gone, the cilia may never sweep properly, and the inflammation can become chronic.

The Quick Fix
Some people solve sinus infections easily. Simply apply a little Tei Fu oil at the base of the nose. (This oil will burn if placed inside the nose or on any irritated skin.) Inhale slowly while alternately blocking one nostril at a time. This technique usually begins to open the closed side of the nose. You can also inhale steam that contains several drops of Tei Fu oil in the heated water.

Another easy-to-use remedy is garlic. When used internally, garlic helps to break up congestion, promote healthy mucus flow and fight infection, especially with children that suffer from sinusitis. Two capsules of garlic oil every two to four hours aids acute sinusitis problems.

Give It the Works
Various herbal products can assist with sinus problems depending upon your specific needs.
Sinus Support (an excellent herbal combination)
One herbal combination, Seasonal allergy (alj), works as a decongestant to restore normal mucus flow and clear the lymphatics. This combination of herbs also helps correct digestive problems that lie at the root of many sinus conditions.

Another herbal combination, Lymph Gland Cleanse, helps fight infection in the lymph nodes, which may underlie chronic sinus problems. Echinacea purpurea is also valuable for this specific infection problem.

Other combination herbs that effectively treat sinusitis include the combination Four, and fenugreek and thyme. Combination Four is more useful in treating respiratory problems involving allergies and hayfever, while fenugreek and thyme are more beneficial in treating sinus pressure and headaches.

Other beneficial supplements include vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid with a good B-complex vitamin (because they work together). Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation. Remember also that vitamin A is needed for healthy mucous membranes. High doses of vitamin C and vitamin A alone have solved sinus problems for many people.

Chlorophyll will also help clear the blood of irritants and quicken recovery.

Sinutone Homeopathy,or Sinuchron HP usually relieves symptoms very quickly (see details first before ordering)

Don’t Forget Hot Chicken Soup
Single herbs that may help sinus problems include bayberry, elecampane, sage, rosemary, capsicum, ginger and horseradish. All hot peppers and spices are good for clearing out the sinuses. Traditionally, these herbs, peppers and spices have been added to chicken soup during cold and flu season. “The hotter the better,” says one who “nose.”

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