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Product ID 1618
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Tei-Fu Essential Oil (0.17 fl. oz.) or TeiFu

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[1618] (0.15 fl oz.)
Tei-Fu Essential Oil is a formula revised and perfected by a noted Chinese Herbalist some fifty years ago, based on an ancient formula dating back more than one thousand years to the era of the Tong Dynasty.

Tei-Fu is a blend of external oils and flower distillates. It is faster than aspirin for headache, pain, etc. It is an excellent product to always have on hands! It relieves pain but does not "heal". Use when discomfort occurs.

Historically, the following amounts have been used for the following problems (most of the time used only externally);
Burns and Scalds: 2 or 3 drops
Cuts, Wounds. Weeding: 2 or 3 drops
Headache (migraine, etc.): 2-3 drops to temple area and massage and 2-3 drops on back of neck
Muscle Pain or Sprain: rub 2-3 drops into area
Arthritis: 2-3 drops rubbed in hard on pain area
Toothache: 1-2 drops on cotton ball put in painful area
Itch. Swelling. Poison lvy 2 or more drops on affected area
Stiff Neck: 1 or more drops in shoulder area
Stomach Pain:
Adults: 1-4 drops internally with water.
Children: 12 & under: 1-2 drops internally with water, or 1 or 2 drops externally to stomach area, rub clockwise gently.
Allergies. Sinus. Stuffy Nose: Smell or put on nose.
Colds, Coughs: 1-4 drops internally with water for adults; for children 1-2 drops internally with water or 2 or more drops on chest
Vomiting: Adults, 1-4 drops internally with water; children 12 or under, 1-2 drops internally with water. 2 drops in throat area
Motion Sickness: same as above. Externally 1-4 drops on back of neck
Long Distance Driving: 1-2 drops with water or directly on back of tongue

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