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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Garlic Oil (60 softgel caps)

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Garlic Oil [Immune] contains the antioxidant germanium and several sulfur compounds. Each capsule provides 220 mg garlic oil, equivalent to 1,000 mg fresh garlic cloves, in a base of soybean oil to ensure potency. It may be used externally or it can be consumed to support immune function.

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.

Allium satvum
Garlic is one of the most important herbs; it has a broad range of well-documented healing

Antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi and worms, fights blood clots, stimulates bile, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, improves blood LDL/HDL ratio.
Garlic has been found to be effective in treating a myriad of conditions in the circulatory, urinary, respiratory and digestive systems largely because of its aromatic sulfur-containing oils.
Chlorophyll-rich herbs are used to absorb the odor of garlic on the breath.

The High Potency Garlic has a special chlorophyll coating that controls the garlic's potent strong odor.
The tablet does not break down until it reaches the small intestine, so you get full nutritional value without the garlic taste.
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