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Do I Need a Basic Nutritional Supplements?


Most Americans are eating a less than optimal diet, so some kind of multivitamin and mineral supplement (or a whole food nutrition supplement) is needed to supply nutrients that may be missing from the diet.

To find out if you need nutritional supplements, check the answer that best applies to you for each of the following questions and type it in the right column. Your score will appear at the bottom of this survey.

How often do you eat at fast food restaurants?
1 time per week (15 points)
2 - 3 times a week (10 points)
4-6 times a week (5 points)
Every day (0 points)

Enter your points


What kind of bread do you usually eat?

White (0 points)
Whole grains (5 points)

Enter your points

How often do you eat a home-cooked meal that is NOT composed primarily of canned, frozen or pre-packaged foods?
Every day (15 points)
3 or more times each week (10 points)
1-2 times per week (5 points)
Less than once a week (0 points)

Enter your points


How many servings of fresh, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables do you usually eat each day? (Canned foods don't count!)

7 or more (20 points)
5-6 (15 points)
3-4 (10 points)
1-2 (5 points)
Less than 1 (0 points)

Enter your points


Do you purchase organically or locally-grown food whenever possible?
Yes (10 points)
No (0 points)

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 Answer =

Interpreting Your Results

If you scored 45 or more, you are doing great!
Score less than 45, you probably need some supplements.
Score less than 25, you definitely need supplements.



If you score is less than 45
check if you also need... Antioxidants? EnzymesFatty acids?   Probiotics?   Trace Minerals?

Choosing a Basic Nutritional Supplement

Why do people purchase insurance? Because it offers some peace of mind that they're "covered" in case of accident, illness or other emergencies. Well, a basic nutritional supplement can be thought of as your nutritional health insurance. It's something you take to make sure you're getting most of the basic nutrients the body needs everyday.

There are many reasons why we might not get the nutrition we need. It's easy to see that refined and processed foods have been stripped of much of their nutritional value, but there are other "hidden" causes of nutrient depletion.

For starters, most "fresh" produce at the supermarket is at least 10- 14 days old. This long delay between harvest and consumption results in the loss of both flavor and nutrition. This produce is often picked before it is fully ripe, which means it never developed it's full nutritional content.

And, if that isn't bad enough, modern agricultural methods have resulted in the loss of minerals (and to a lesser degree vitamins and other nutrients) from our food. If we lived in an ideal world where we had access to really fresh, organically grown natural food all the time, we wouldn't need nutritional supplements at all.

But because most of us have to "cheat" on nutritional quality for the sake of convenience, it makes sense to take a basic nutritional supplement to ensure we're at least getting the basic amounts of the nutrients the body needs. Do not take cheap vitamin and mineral supplements. They are the "junk food" of the supplement industry.

Use a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement like Super Supplemental. Even better, instead of a multi-vitamin, use a whole food supplement like Ultimate GreenZone. This will give you extra vitamins and minerals in a whole food form, which is even better.

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