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Do I Need Antioxidants?

More and more research is emerging showing that chronic inflammation and oxidative stress due to free radical damage are the underlying causes of many of the chronic illnesses so prevalent in our society. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and a host of other chronic diseases are not the inevitable products of old age, they are caused by a lack of antioxidants in the diet to protect the body from inflammation and free radical damage.

These antioxidant nutrients are found primarily in fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the bright colors of fresh produce are due to the presence of these antiaging and disease preventing compounds. However, most Americans eat very little fresh produce. To find out if you need an antioxidant supplement, check the answer that best applies to you for each of the following questions.
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How many servings of fresh, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables do you usually eat each day?
(Canned fruits and vegetables do not count!)

7 or more (35 points)
5-7 (25 points)
3-4 (15 points)
1-2 (5 points)
Less than 1 (0 points)

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Do you have any kind of inflammatory disease (anything that ends in "itis" such as arthritis, colitis, etc.)?
No (10 points)
Yes (0 points)

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Do you want to reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other degenerative diseases?
No (0 points)
Yes (10 points)

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Do you suffer regularly from chronic aches and pains (stiff neck, sore back, headaches, indigestion, etc.)?
No (0 points)
Yes (10 points)

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Interpreting Your Results
If you scored 45 or more, you are doing great!
Score less than 45, you probably need a antioxidant supplement.
Score less than 25, you definitely need a antioxidant supplement.

We recommend anyone of these fine products below.
Choose the most appropriate for you based on description - click on images for details and ordering


Nature's Sunshine has harvested the healthiest fruits and nutritional supplements from around the world and combined them into one delicious, nutritious juice: Thai-Go. Thai-Go is replete with healthful bioflavonoids and powerful antioxidants. If there is one drink you reach for in the morning, it should be Thai-Go.

* Powerful antioxidant capability
* Supports heart health and normal cholesterol levels
* Enhances anti-aging activity
* Increases energy
* Delicious--kids love it!

Super AntioxidantsSuper Antioxidant

This supplement has the power of antioxidants which are gaining more and more credibility for their ability to neutralize free radicals in the body. Antioxidants can help repair and prevent damage to cells and genetic material. Super Antioxidant has vitamin E tocorrienols, lycopene, alpha lipoic acid, rose hips, milk thistle and turmeric.

Like vitamins A and D, vitamin E tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin. It can be found primarily in the oily portion of whole grains, seeds and beans. Vitamin E tocorrienols are naturally derived from palm oil, rice bran and wheat germ oil. Their unique molecular makeup allows them to scavenge free radicals within circulating lipoproteins even more efficiently than vitamin E tocopherols.





Super Trio

* Combines the benefits of Super Omega-3 EPA, Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals and Super ORAC antioxidant formula.  
* Has a powerful oxidant-scavenging capacity.
* Provides the nutrients your body needs simply and conveniently.
* Promotes vitality and longevity through adequate daily nutrition.

Good health comes through nutrition; it's what you put in your body that counts.
With our fast-paced world, nutritionally lacking snacks and meals on the go-if we even get meals-obtaining adequate nutrition is not an easy task. But now, with Super Trio, you can take good nutrition with you-in your purse, in your pocket, in the palm of your hand-wherever you go.
Super Trio makes proper nutrition simple and convenient. Offering the basic nutrients your body needs for optimal function,

Choosing an Antioxidant Supplement

Research has established that a major cause of aging and degenerative disease is chronic inflammation and free radical damage. Free radicals are substances that steal electrons. They cause oxidative damage that "burns" tissues leading to simple things like wrinkles and more serious problems like heart disease, cancer and memory loss.

Antioxidants can be thought of as the body's cooling system. They soak up the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and inflammation. Antioxidants help prevent (and even heal) heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, auto-immune diseases and most other chronic diseases. They also slow the aging process and keep us looking and feeling young.

Antioxidants are abundant in fresh fruits, berries, greens and other vegetables. They are depleted by shipping, storage and processing, which is why few of us get enough of them even if we are eating the recommended 7-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

is an excellent antioxidant supplement that not only has a higher capacity for neutralizing free radicals than any other antioxidant beverage in the marketplace, it also contains bioflavonoids and xanthones, which reduce inflammation, decrease pain and promote tissue healing. Even better, Thai-Go actually tastes good, which makes it a pleasure to take. Thai-Go can be taken straight or mixed with water or juice to reduce free radical damage, inflammation and pain and to promote tissue healing and better health.

Another good choice for an antioxidant supplement is Super ORAC, found in the Super Trio pack. The SuperTrio program is a good basic supplement program, containing Supper Supplemental, a high-quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement, Super Omega-3 EPA, which provides essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation and promote general health, along with the Super ORAC capsule, which supplies similar benefits to Thai-Go, in a capsule form.

Super Antioxidant has the power of antioxidants which are gaining more and more credibility for their ability to neutralize free radicals in the body.

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