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Do I Need Enzymes?

Most people eat primarily cooked and processed foods. Raw foods or naturally fermented foods (like sauerkraut and kimchi) supply enzymes that help food digest and take stress off of our digestive and immune systems. When these enzymes are lacking in the diet it strains the digestive system and can contribute to food and respiratory allergies.

To find out if you need an enzyme supplement, check the answer that best applies to you for each of the following questions and type it in the right column. Your score will appear at the bottom of this survey.



What percentage of your diet is raw food?
60% or more (20 points)
40-60% (15 points)
20-40% (10 points)
20% or less (5 points)
I rarely eat raw food of any kind (0 points)

Enter your points



How often do you experience digestive upset? (acid indigestion, severe belching or intestinal gas, bloating, heartburn or acid reflux)
Rarely (one or two times a month or less) (15 points)
Occasionally (3-4 times per month) (10 points)
Frequently (more than once a week) (5 points)
Constantly (almost every day) (0 points)

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Do you take antacids or acid blockers?
No (10 points)
Occasionally (5 points)
Frequently (0 points)

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Do you suffer from food or respiratory allergies?
No (10 points)
Yes (0 points)

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Do you purchase organically or locally-grown food whenever possible?
Yes (10 points)
No (0 points)

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Do you eat naturally fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, raw pickles, raw kimchi, etc. regularly with meats and other cooked foods?
Never (0 points)
Sometimes (5 points)
Usually (10 points)

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 Answer =


Interpreting Your Results
If you scored 45 or more, you are doing great!
Score less than 45, you probably need enzymes supplementation.
Score less than 25, you definitely need an enzymes supplement.


We recommend anyone of these fine products below.
(choose the most appropriate for you based on description - click on images for details and ordering)



A wise choice for many people. Proacrazyme Plus contains plant enzymes, the kind we would naturally find in the diet if we were eating more raw and fermented foods. It will not only help food digest better, thus preventing digestive upset and intestinal gas, it will also improve absorption of nutrients.

Proactazyme is a unique, general-purpose enzyme supplement to assist in the digestion of most food types.

It contains plant-sourced enzymes in a digestion-enhancing herbal base of caraway, dandelion, fennel, gentian and ginger.

Digestive enzymes present in this formula include amylase (helps digest carbohydrates), glucoamylase (converts starches into glucose for energy), lipase (breaks down fats), cellulase and hemicellulase (break down cellulose and convert it to glucose), invertase (digests sucrose), malt diastase (augments the breakdown of starches), alpha galactosidase (hydrolyzes sugars found in some vegetables and whole grains) and peptidase (digests protein peptides).

It also contains blend of protease enzymes (3.0, 4.5, 6.0) formulated to digest proteins at various pH levels ranging from 3.0 to 6.0.

Proactazyme Plus is an excellent choice for vegetarians or those with a high-starch or high-sugar diet. (Replaces Stock No. 1643-9)

Choosing an Enzyme Supplement

Enzymes are found throughout the animal and plant kingdom. They are known as the spark plugs of life because their role is to catalyze, or speed up, chemical reactions. 5,000 enzymes have been discovered since the 1930s, with 3,000 found in the human body. These enzymes both build up and break down all the substances the body needs to function, repair tissues, break down toxins, regulate immune responses and, last, but not least, digest our food.

Since enzymes are destroyed by heat and processing, most of the foods Americans consume contain no enzymes. Instead, they often contain enzyme inhibitors in the form of preservatives. In traditional diets, a large portion of food was consumed raw. In traditional diets where more cooked food was consumed, naturally fermented foods were nearly always consumed with cooked food. Naturally fermented foods are rich in both enzymes and probiotics (friendly bacteria).

Many of the digestive problems people experience in modern society (acid reflux, acid indigestion, upset stomachs, gas, bloating and belching) are caused by a lack of enzymes. This lack also contributes to other health problems, including food and respiratory allergies, sinus congestion, auto-immune conditions, intestinal infections, parasites and more. Enzymes also help reduce inflammation and pain in the body by supporting immune functions.

So, taking an enzyme supplement like Proactazyme Plus is a wise choice for many people. Proacrazyme Plus contains plant enzymes, the kind we would naturally find in the diet if we were eating more raw and fermented foods. It will not only help food digest better, thus preventing digestive upset and intestinal gas, it will also improve absorption of nutrients.

Elderly persons, or people with extremely poor digestion may need a stronger enzyme product. In this case, Food Enzymes is a better choice. Food Enzymes supplement the enzymes and digestive secretions the body produces to break down food. The secretions typically decline with age, resulting in both loss of appetite and increasing health problems.

Food Enzymes Food Enzymes

Food Enzymes is a key product for the digestive system.

All foods require processing (digestion), and enzymes are able to break down food compounds for assimilation into the bloodstream. A number of different enzymes are needed to deal with differing food compounds. Some of these are produced by the body, some are found in foods. However, most processed foods lack the enzymes needed for proper digestion.

One capsule will help you digest a minimum of 30 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of fats.


* Supplements the body’s production of important enzymes.

* Provides a blend of enzymes to digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

* Helps prevent or relieve occasional indigestion.

Because cooking destroys the enzymes of fresh food, consider using enzyme supplements with all cooked foods. People over 30 often have less digestive HCI and fewer pancreatic digestive enzymes. Pancreatic enzyme supplements have been suggested to break down the protective protein layer of tumors. (The Jason Winters Story)

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