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Do I Need Trace Minerals?

Trace Minerals

One of the major problems with modern agricultural methods is that it depletes foods of trace minerals. Added to this is the fact that many of the most mineral-rich portions of plant and animal foods are discarded in most kitchens. As a result, few people obtain the trace minerals they need to keep teeth, bones, hair, skin, etc. healthy.

To find out if you need trace minerals, check the answer that best applies to you for each of the following questions and type it in the right column. Your score will appear at the bottom of this survey.

How many fillings do you have?
None (15 points)
1-5 fillings (5 points)
More than five fillings (0 points)

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How many teeth have you lost? (Do not include teeth lost through a physical accident.)
I have all my teeth, including my wisdom teeth, and have no root canals. (15 points)
I have lost 1-3 teeth (include wisdom teeth) and/or have at least one root canal. (5 points)
I have lost more than three teeth (include wisdom teeth) and/or have two or more root canals. (0 points)

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Are your teeth crocked or did you require braces?
No (10 Points)
Yes (0 points)

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How often do you make and consume homemade stock by simmering bones and vegetables as a base for homemade soups?
I never make homemade stock (0 points)
I sometimes make homemade stock (5 points)
I make stock almost every week (10 points)

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Do you have any problems with your skin, hair, fingernails, bones or joints such as (hair loss, skin disorders, brittle fingernails, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.)?
No (15 points)
Yes (0 points)

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Interpreting Your Results
If you scored 45 or more, you are doing great!
Score less than 45, you probably need some trace minerals.
Score less than 25, you definitely need trace minerals.

Mineral Chi Tonic

Herbal Trace Minerals

Choosing a Trace Mineral Supplement

Agriculture practices over the last 100 years have severely depleted the soils which in turn has depleted the mineral content of our foods. Foods grown organically have 200-800% more minerals than crops grown commercially with fertilizers. Minerals are not only essential for healthy bones, muscles, skin, hair, teeth and fingernails, they also act as catalysts for numerous biochemical processes.

Dr. Weston Price, author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, discovered that native people living on traditional diets had almost no tooth decay, rarely lost teeth, including wisdom teeth, and their teeth were always straight without needing braces. He determined that the mineral content of the foods they were eating, along with intake of fat-soluble vitamins, was the main factor in their excellent dental health. His conclusion, dental problems were an early sign of a lack of proper nutrition in the diet.

Since it is rare for anyone in our culture to have excellent dental health, it is likely that just about everyone suffers from a lack of trace minerals in their diet. Besides eating organically grown produce, one can also increase mineral intake by making stock, which provides minerals and other nutrients needed for healthy teeth, bones and connective tissues.

A multiple vitamin and mineral supplement will contain major minerals, like calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, but there are numerous other trace minerals the body needs in very tiny amounts. This is where a trace mineral supplement comes in handy.

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic is a great way to replenish your trace minerals. It contains liquid colloidal trace minerals to make up for the lack of minerals in the diet, but it also has the added benefits of containing adaptogenic herbs that will help to lower your stress level (and who doesn't need that).

If you don't like the taste of Mineral Chi Tonic, try Ionic Minerals. It doesn't have the herbs, but you will still get the trace minerals your body needs for optimal function.

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