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Cancer (natural therapy for cancer)
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

Anyone who has ever had cancer, or had a loved one with cancer, knows the feelings of fear, anxiety, worry and often hopelessness that this very serious illness can bring. This is understandable considering cancer is the second leading cause of death in civilized nations. Furthermore, conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are often dangerous in and of themselves. So, it's little wonder that cancer usually causes intense emotional distress in everyone involved. However, one must never believe that there is no hope, even when orthodox medicine doesn't offer any. As long as the body has life, there is hope.

Of course, the subject of cancer is far too involved to adequately address on this page. We can acquaint you with some important information about cancer from a natural healing perspective and give you some ideas about options you may not be familiar with. However, we strongly encourage you to seek medical help when dealing with cancer. You need competent health care professionals helping you with your program and monitoring your progress, but you should also do some study on your own and learn about things you can do for yourself.

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This excellent formula has been meticulously designed to promote macrophage activity in your body, leading to a chain reaction of immune activity, which will strengthen your entire system against enemy attack.

C-herb Internal elevates the activity of the immune system until the "issue" is no longer a risk factor this put a lot of stress on the system. Strenghtening the immune system with "Immune Stimulator" makes sense.

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Advantages of using Protease on an empty stomach

* Protease boosts immune defenses fighting viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite pathogens.
* Protease purifies your blood, breaking down protein invaders.
* Protease accelerates healing from breast and fibroids and sebaceous cysts.
* Protease reduces food allergies. Malabsorption of protein is extremely common.

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C-Herb seems to immediately remove the protein shell in which a virus can hide. If a virus is to survive in the body, it must hide itself within something that the body will not reject. The most common source of disguise is protein. When the virus is coated with protein, the body sees nothing unwanted and takes no action against it. A good example is the influenza virus. It hides itself in protein which serves two purposes. It not only is hidden from the action of the immune system, it can be ushered into the center of a cell as the cell receives the protein. When inside the cell, the virus sheds its protein coating and begins dividing into thousands more viruses which find their way back into the blood system and continues the process until disease overtakes the host.

It is essential to call us IF you decide to purchase this program. We shall then help you the following way (based on what we will learn from you):
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The second action of C-Herb seems to be the elevation of the activity of the immune system. The immune systern will actually appear dormant until something excites it. An example might be that of an athlete who is preparing to run the 100 yard dash. All tests given this athlete before the race would show very low activity of the immune system. At the end of the race, immediate testing would show the activity of the immune system to be several hundred times higher than just a few seconds before. When the immune system decides the crisis is over, it quickly goes back to its lower status. It appears that C-Herb excites the immune system to several times its resting level and maintains that level as long as C-Herb is present.

CAUTION: When using the C-Herb internally, it is important that there has been no chemotherapy treatment within the last 90 days in order to avoid overwhelming the immune system.


The liver performs its role as food inspector, detoxifier, and gives it the wherewithal to be your own metabolic chemical plant.
After the food has been inspected and detoxified, it is allowed to flow into the body for general circulation.

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body. It performs a large number of functions that are essential to the health of all body systems.
The liver aids in metabolism and digestion, and is a major detoxifying organ, breaking down and neutralizing harmful toxic substances. The liver plays a role in the production of blood-clotting substances and produces much of the body’s cholesterol, which is required for the synthesis of hormones and the maintenance of healthy cell membranes. The liver also aids in controlling blood sugar levels by releasing stored glucose when blood sugar levels fall too low.

This vital organ is susceptible to many diseases and conditions that can impair liver function, some of which include cirrhosis, hepatitis, and cancer. Some causes of liver damage and disease include alcohol, environmental pollutants, medications, and viral infections.

Common sense: When using c-herb, the immune system will force the body to evacuate a lot of unwanted "toxins" putting an extra burden on the liver. Your liver needs all the help it can get in that situation!


When you mix Cellfood with water or juice and ingest it, its proprietary water-splitting action begins the moment you take the first sip. This cascading time release of oxygen typically peaks within 8-12 hours, and then keeps working hour after hour. In partnership with the body's own natural intelligence, Cellfood releases oxygen whenever and wherever it's needed, and if no longer needed, no more is released. And, its essential natural minerals, enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes are delivered simultaneously throughout the body on the deepest cellular level.

Cellfood is a miracle of electromagnetic design. Since Cellfood is colloidal and negatively charged, just like the blood and lymph fluid, there is a natural synchronicity between these fluids. Cellfood and its nutrients move through the cell walls easily, and its vital nutrients are absorbed and assimilated quickly and efficiently. And, Cellfood is a di-pole, di-base delivery system, delivering its nutrients to the cells and tissues under any conditions. (Di-pole means Cellfood is effective in any polarity range of the body; di-base means it's effective in any pH range and will tend to normalize the body's acid/base balance). Therefore, Cellfood is exceptional as an overall delivery system not only for its own nutrients, but for increasing cell-absorption (by as much as 3-5 times) of any other nutrients or substances introduced into the body within the same 24 hour period. Notably, there is no known toxicity associated with Cellfood.

Importantly, Cellfood won't create free radical damage. Free radicals, believed to be a primary cause of aging and disease, are positively charged ions of oxygen. Since Cellfood's released oxygen molecules are negatively charged, they seek out and attract these dangerous free radicals, joining with them to form stabilized oxygen.

Increase Oxygen Levels (with CellFood)

* Cancer cells are anaerobic, which means they live and thrive in a low oxygen environment. They are able to get their energy by metabolizing nutrients, notably sugars and carbohydrates, without oxygen, in a fermentative process.

* Cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment, so keeping the body well oxygenated inhibits cancer. Do this by getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Breathe deeply. If you smoke, quit.


Carcinoid tumor in my right lung

Hi Christian,

You asked me to share my story with others in the form of a testimonial.  Please use this information in a way you feel will best serve the community. 

In 2006 they found a Carcinoid tumor in my right lung and ended up removing the upper lobe of my lung.  Seven years later I started experiencing the same symptoms that lead to the discovery of the cancer in my right lung.  A Nuclear medicine test called an Octreotide revealed that apparently my cancer had returned in both lungs.  The report stated that there were multiple nodular opacifications throughout both lungs, suggesting recurrence of carcinoid tumors.  The largest of the masses was in my left lung, measuring 1.9 x 3.2 cm (the size of a small egg).  My Oncologist scheduled a CT - guided biopsy of the largest tumor.  There were at least six nodules on the left lung and 10 on the right and the thorax showed too numerous to count ground glass/nodular opacifications.
I contacted the Nutritional doctor that worked with me the first time I had cancer and he put me on a product call C - Herb.  I started taking the C - Herb as soon as it arrived on April 6, 2013 and about three weeks later when they tried to locate the tumor via a CT Scan, there was nothing left to biopsy. The report for the CT scan showed no evidence of abnormal nodularity in either lung, only vague nodular shadows.  Six months later they followed up with another Octreotide scan and it came back normal.
I feel so blessed to have C-Herb in my life and am convinced that had I know about it before my surgery in 2006 I would still have both lungs.

Christian, thank you again for visiting with me and all your help.  Please contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.

Alta Fetterman

Recurring breast cancer

Dear Christian

A year ago I turned away from chemotherapy as the recommended treatment from recurring breast cancer  after surgery and radiotherapy.
The cancer had spread all over my left breast and my oncologist informed me that it was inoperable.
She didn’t say the spread may have been the result of mal-administration of repeated dose of radiotherapy to be same breast. But later on it was drawn to my attention that may have been the case.
Since I wouldn’t follow the recommended protocol, I was simply left to fend for myself.

It occurred to me that encouraging the cancer to leave my body topically would be safer than killing it by injecting chemicals through my veins.
I had other medical issues at the time, and my immune system was operating below pare, so it was a real threat to me that these chemicals would also kill me in the process. A few months later, March, the cancer erupted. I went back to my oncologist, but again she turned me away after refusing chemo one more time.  

I am a deeply spiritual and information usually comes to me exactly at the time I most need.  I tried MMS, and Clay. But both were slow processes and it was difficult to measure success. At that time I began to panic a little, unsure what to do next.

I returned to the Internet, and in my search read about C Herb and excited about what I had read, I got on to it immediately.
The lesson at this time was the size of a small lime, and oozing and  more than I felt I could handle alone.
That’s when I called you up on the phone from London where I live. And you dear Christian, were an absolute Godsend, with your gentle support and encouragement, and guidance.
Five days into the treatment, just as you said it would, the cancer popped out, the size and color of a small mushroom. I still have it if my freezer as a reminder.
Of course it left  a deep crater on my chest, but that’s now closed up using a mixture of C Herb and the Replinising Cream. I still use this on my breast daily to diminish the other lumps that had spread over the entire breast.
Every day I notice they are slowly disappearing.
I thank you for such a wonderful product which I am recommending to my friend with skin cancer.
And for being there for me during my most desperate moments.

Yours gratefully


More info about cancer

Cancer is a disease involving cells that have undergone a genetic mutation so they are no longer responsive to messages from the body that regulate cell metabolism and growth. These mutations are believed to be the result of free radical damage that causes the cells to develop an anaerobic metabolism and turn cancerous. Normal cells have an aerobic metabolism, which means they produce energy by means of oxygen and oxidation. Anaerobic cells produce energy without oxygen via a process of fermentation.

This is important to know because if the body is highly oxygenated, the environment for cancer does not exist. In fact, in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel for proving that whenever any cell is denied of its oxygen requirements, it can become cancerous. So, conditions that deprive cells of oxygen (such as chronic inflammation, buildup of toxins or problems with red blood cells or circulation) increase the risk of cancer. An overly acidic environment in the body is also a breeding ground for cancer.

Another important thing you should know is that cancer cells are forming in the body on a regular basis. Very likely, you have a few inside you right now. Don't worry, the immune system normally recognizes these deviant cells and destroys them.

Therefore, two factors must exist for you to develop cancer. First, your body has to have a toxic, low oxygen environment that encourages the development of anaerobic cancer cells, and second, your immune system must be weakened so that it is not able to recognize and destroy these cells.

So, while killing cancer cells (the goal of conventional cancer therapy) is an important part of treating cancer, it does not fix the underlying problems that created the cancer in the first place. This is the weakness of the standard medical approach to cancer. An effective protocol for cancer should do more than just destroy cancer cells—it should try to restore a normal, healthy environment in the body and rebuild the immune system.

So, even if one chooses to use orthodox cancer therapies to destroy the cancer cells, they would be wise to consider doing natural therapy both to restore the body's state of health and prevent the cancer from reoccurring.

Here are seven important natural therapies to consider.

1. Increase Oxygen Levels
Cancer cells are anaerobic, which means they live and thrive in a low oxygen environment. They are able to get their energy by metabolizing nutrients, notably sugars and carbohydrates, without oxygen, in a fermentative process.
Cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment, so keeping the body well oxygenated inhibits cancer. Do this by getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Breathe deeply. If you smoke, quit.

There are several supplements that can enhance oxygenation in the body. For starters, Chinese Lung Support helps with oxygen delivery and uptake and is very useful for anyone with respiratory weakness. Another Chinese remedy that strengthens the lungs and enhances oxygen transport is Cordyceps. Cordyceps also helps the immune system.
Liquid chlorophyll is another great way to enhance oxygen transport. It prevents clumping of red blood cells and helps them carry more oxygen to the tissues. Research has shown that it can reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Balance pH
In order to have optimal health, the body must maintain a proper internal pH. Cancer cells prefer an acid pH environment. Their fermentative metabolism also releases large amounts of lactic acid that inhibit transportation of oxygen to neighboring cells. This spreads the environment for cancer. A buildup of acid waste also inhibits toxins from being released by cells.

The best way to counteract this acidic environment is to eat large quantities of fresh, preferably organic, fruits and vegetables every day. This is well-recognized as one of the best ways of decreasing your risk of cancer, but unfortunately, its benefit in helping people recover from cancer is often ignored. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only help alkalize the body, they also strengthen immunity, aid detoxification and provide antioxidants.

Besides eating fresh fruits and vegetables, there are several other supplements that can help alkalize the body. The first is Green Zone, a whole food supplement that alkalizes the environment, aids in detoxification and builds the immune system to help it recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Digestive enzymes are very important to helping balance pH. Food Enzymes and PDA are good choices for people with cancer. A lack of hydrochloric acid (an ingredient found in both Food Enzymes and PDA) leads to excess lactic acid in the body, which sets the stage for cancer. They are taken with meals to help the body metabolize food correctly so as to avoid a buildup of acid waste and toxins. They are also taken between meals to help rid the body of excess proteins that may be causing acid in the blood.

3. Strengthen the Immune System
The body normally and regularly produces cancer cells due to free radical damage, environmental factors or other causes. A healthy immune system recognizes and destroys these defective cells. When the immune system is unable to recognize these deviant cells or is too weak to destroy them, the disease we call cancer develops.

There are many reasons why the immune system becomes weakened. Poor nutritional intake is a major factor. Loss or destruction of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract is another. Excessive sugar consumption supplies cancer cells with the energy they need to proliferate quickly, while contributing to chronic inflammation that distresses the immune system.

Improving nutritional intake, especially eating those 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, will help the immune system, as will eliminating chemically-laden processed foods. Reducing intake of sugar, white flour and other simple carbohydrates will also help.

Trigger Immune helps to rebuild a weakened immune system, enhance vital energy and immune function and increase white blood cell production and platelet count. It is very helpful in recovering from chemotherapy and can also be taken during chemotherapy to strengthen the system to resist toxic effects from chemotherapy.

Immune Stimulator is another supplement that can boost the immune system to fight cancer. It not only enhances natural killer cells (lymphocytes), which kill cancer cells, it also increases T-cell production and antibody production. An important benefit of Immune Stimulator is its ability to enhance cellular communication, which helps the immune system identify and target cells it needs to destroy.

Una de Gato Combination is another herbal formula that strengthens a weakened immune system. The principle ingredient, Una de Cato, has been used in South America for cancer treatment and contains compounds that inhibit tumor growth in animals.

4. Detoxify
The human body is bombarded with toxins, heavy metals, chlorine and thousands of chemicals that we breathe in, consume in our diet or absorb through our skin. These all cause free radicals in the body and contribute to the environment of cancer. Avoiding these toxins is part of both cancer prevention and holistic cancer therapy. In particular, avoid or eliminate refined and processed foods (especially foods raised with pesticides, antibiotics or steroids), toxic cleaning products (such as laundry detergents, skin care items, fluoridated toothpaste, etc.) and chlorinated and fluoridated water.
Also, avoid microwaved or irradiated food and protect yourself from electrical equipment (as electromagnetic pollution may be a major causal factor in cancer).

It is also helpful to assist the body in detoxifying from these substances using any of the following supplements.
For starters, E-Tea or Essiac Tea is a famous anticancer formula that helps the body eliminate toxins. It improves lymphatic drainage and stimulates the immune system.
All Cell Detox is another good, general cleansing formula that is based on a Native American medicine man's cancer remedy. It reduces inflammation, supports the liver and digestive system and helps neutralize acid.
Blood Stimulator nourishes the blood and helps increase its volume. It is an excellent formula for helping the body rebuild after chemotherapy.

5. Use Antioxidants
Our need for oxygen exceeds the demand for any nutrient, even water, because we need oxygen for normal energy production in the cell. However, oxygen can also produce free radicals that can damage normal cells and cause cancer. Antioxidant nutrients protect the body from this free radical damage, thereby reducing cancer risk. Antioxidants can also be used in a treatment program for cancer, because they help protect the body from harmful side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Some antioxidants to consider here include High Potency Grapine, an extract of grape seed that helps reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage, and Green Tea Extract, which contains polyphenols called catechins, powerful antioxidants that protect cells from cancer and kill cancer cells. One Of these catechins is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which was shown in several lab studies to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

Thai-Go contains xanthones, powerful antioxidants that have been shown in numerous studies to inhibit cancer cells and aid in tumor reduction. These compounds cause apoptosis (or preprogrammed cell death) in cancer cells. Xanthones exert cytotoxic (cancer cell killing) effects against human hepatocellular carcinoma cells, and have been shown to inhibit the growth of human leukemia HL60 cells. Xanthones have also been shown to be effective against human breast cancer SKBR3 cells. IF Relief also contains xanthones and is helpful for reducing chronic inflammation and pain.

6. Kill Cancer Cells
For those diagnosed with cancer, it is important to kill the cancerous cells. The problem is that chemotherapy and radiation also cause damage to healthy cells. Killing cancer cells also produces toxins that the body must eliminate.
There are some natural compounds that can help kill cancer cells, too. Paw Paw Cell Reg is a standardized extract of acetogenins from the American paw paw tree. T'hese compounds have been shown in scientific research to cause apoptosis (preprogrammed cell death) in cancer cells by inhibiting their energy production.

Paw Paw Cell Reg is not appropriate for all cancers and should be used as part of a comprehensive cancer program. However, even if one chooses to use chemotherapy drugs, Paw Paw may still be beneficial. It has also been shown to reduce chemotherapy drug resistance. By itself, Paw Paw doesn't have the side effects of hair loss, weight loss, extreme nausea and compromised immunity. It may cause nausea in larger doses, however.

Paw Paw is not recommended as a supplement for preventing cancer. It is only appropriate when a person has cancer. Paw Paw is also ineffective against leukemia, lymphoma and other cancers that do not involve tumors.

Another supplement that can help the body destroy cancer cells is High Potency Protease. It breaks down the protein coat on cancer cells and also helps prevent cancer cells that are breaking down from creating a toxic load on nearby healthy cells. It is taken between meals for this purpose.

7. Increase Joy and Pleasure
One German study shows a commonality that all cancer patients experienced a trauma and an unresolved psychological issue shortly before the cancer developed. Stress is a big component of cancer because psychological stress creates physical stress that dramatically reduces immune function.

Reducing stress should be a stress-less task. That's why the goal here is not to reduce stress, but rather to deliberately seek out joy and pleasure. A pleasurable, happy experience has a more positive effect on the immune system and healing, than the stressful effects of an experience.

So, seek out pleasurable experiences. Find things that make you laugh. Spend time with family, friends or pets. Take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Surround yourself with pleasing colors, smells and sounds. Listen to your favorite music; get up and dance. Listen to calming, meditalive music. Take a hot bath in Epsom salts and lavender oil. Treat yourself to a massage, take a mini-vacation or go to a spa for the day.

You can also reduce stress by taking products like Nutri-Calm, which replenishes the nervous system and adrenals. Adrenal Support will build stamina and promote healing, as well as giving the body more ability to cope with stress. Chinese Stress Relief is another option that can improve the body's ability to relax, counteracting stress.

Cancer is a difficult disease to work with, but many people have successfully recovered from cancer using both natural therapies and conventional therapies or a combination of the two. Seek out professional assistance in designing the holistic program that's right for you. Remember, there is always hope, never give up!

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