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Dealing With The Protein Shell(s)

This product is so important for so many of us that we have taken great care in explaining what it really does. Taken WITH Immune stimulator it can accomplish what modern medicine might call "unexplained recobery"
Doctors agree that as we grow older, our bodies are able to produce fewer enzymes. Enzymes that break down proteins are especially critical to good health because undigested proteins have been linked to a variety of unsavory health concerns.

Proteases are a type of digestive enzyme that is designed to break down proteins into smaller proteins and amino acids. Protease enzymes are found in the stomach and in the pancreatic and intestinal juices. They are especially important because they break down proteins into amino acids. Any time a deficiency of protease exists, proteins can go through the intestinal tract and remain undigested. At the same time, malabsorption of nutrients and chronic health conditions increase.
Taking supplemental enzymes can help to ensure that the body receives full nutritional value from food intake.

Studies show that protease helps keep the intestines protected from parasites and other organisms that may weaken the intestinal system.

Each capsule of NSP Protease Plus contains: 60,000 HUT protease in a base of beetroot fiber and full spectrum plant-sourced trace mineral concentrate.

Viruses (or tumors) are actually a tiny bundle of genetic material encapsulated by protein. If you are able to break down that outer shell of protein, then your white blood cells can attack the nucleus and destroy the virus.

What can break down that protein shell? The answer is protease, the protein digesting enzyme. Supplementing with broad spectrum enzymes in particular such as Protease High Potency will allow your immune system (Immune Stimulator) to be ready for any foreign invader.

Advantages of using Protease on an empty stomach (acts as systemic enzymes)
* Protease boosts immune defenses fighting viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite pathogens.
* Protease purifies your blood, breaking down protein invaders.
* Protease accelerates healing from breast and fibroids and sebaceous cysts.
* Protease reduces food allergies. Malabsorption of protein is extremely common.

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