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C-Herb or CHerb Internal and/or multi doses - 6.25 Grams

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C-Herb has been used on all kinds of viruses like Mono, EBV, CFS, Herpes, Hepatitis (all 3 kinds), common flu, common cold, and many more. It has also been effective when used for fungal [fungus] and yeast problems.

Water, fiber, black walnut, burdock, white oak bark and mineral salts.

C-Herb Internal (or for many topical areas to be addressed)
Weight: .22oz. (6.25 gm)

About C-Herb taken Internally
If using C-Herb Internal for a major health issue please go to this page for important imformation

C-Herb is a combination of several well known herbs and mineral salts. It appears as a dark colored paste and is used either topically or taken orally. The theory of how C-Herb works includes two separate functions:

When taken orally, it seems to immediately remove the protein shell in which a virus can hide. If a virus is to survive in the body, it must hide itself within something that the body will not reject. The most common source of disguise is protein. When the virus is coated with protein, the body sees nothing unwanted and takes no action against it. A good example is the influenza virus. It hides itself in protein which serves two purposes.

It not only is hidden from the action of the immune system, it can be ushered into the center of a cell as the cell receives the protein. When inside the cell, the virus sheds its protein coating and begins dividing into thousands more viruses which find their way back into the blood system and continues the process until disease overtakes the host.

The second action of C-Herb seems to be the elevation of the activity of the immune system. The immune system will actually appear dormant until something excites it. An example might be that of an athlete who is preparing to run the 100 yard dash. All tests given this athlete before the race would show very low activity of the immune system. At the end of the race, immediate testing would show the activity of the immune system to be several hundred times higher than just a few seconds before. When the immune system decides the crisis is over, it quickly goes back to its lower status. It appears that C-Herb excites the immune system to several times its resting level and maintains that level as long as C-Herb is present.

The C-Herb has the ability to strip away the protein shell virus created to hide themselves in. Of course, when the virus is exposed, the immune system is activated to rid the body of the intruder.

Caution: C-Herb should never come in contact with metal


(1 dose spoon attached to the bottle of internal -multidoses- c-herb)

Take the C-Herb WITH FOOD and drink plenty of water during the day. If nausea is experienced, cut the dose in half and take twice daily. In the treatment of severe body infections, fever or flu symptoms may occur for the first few days.

In preparing the C-Herb to drink, it must be mixed with a pure, unsweetened organic juice or pure water. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol should be held to a minimum or avoided altogether during the series of oral treatment.

A typical oral treatment is one dose per day for 21 days. If the condition is judged to require more treatment, it is recommended that after the first treatment of 21 days, wait 3 to 5 days, then the next 21 day series may begin. A 21 day treatment should never be stopped abruptly !! Always taper off by waiting one day followed by a dose, then waiting 2 days followed by a dose, then waiting 3 days followed by a dose. If more than one 21 day series is needed, one only needs to taper off when finished with the last 21 day series.

We strongly recommend to add Liver Balance TCM when using C-Herb internally. Why? C-Herb is a very powerful cleansing formula. Toxins and other unwanted "things" will end up in the blood sytem to be filtered out by the liver. Supporting the liver makes sense.
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C-Herb Internal


Abnormal Cell Growth
Treatment of these conditions should follow the standard oral treatment.

When using the C-Herb internally, it is important that there has been no chemotherapy treatment within the last 90 days in order to avoid overwhelming the immune system.

Follow the oral treatment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Follow the oral treatment.

Follow the oral treatment.

Intestinal Disorders
The C-Herb works very well in washing down the lining of the intestines and ridding the body of yeast and bacteria. Follow the oral treatment.

Follow the oral treatment. Afterwards, the affected area could be treated with the Replenishing Cream

Shingles can be treated very effectively with a series of oral doses and, at the same time, treat the affected area of the skin with Silver Shield Gel. This procedure takes the pain out of the affected area while the body is ridding itself of the virus.

Since the C-Herb eats away the protein shell hiding the virus and allows the immune system to fight the virus, the standard oral treatment can be followed.

Yeast infection can be easily treated by using the C-Herb in a douche, as a gargle or the standard oral treatment


An effective mouth wash and gargle can be made by dissolving 2 oral doses (1/4 of a gram each) of C-Herb in 8 oz. of purified water.

A douche for the treatment of yeast is made by dissolving 2 oral doses (1/4 of a gram each) of C-Herb in purified water.
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- 11/26/2019
Wanted to put a more recent review on. I have reactions to mosquitoes, then tend to pick at them as they heal. One healed with a lump inside. Using c-herb for 1st time. White area by 2nd day. Often stings, pinches & itches at various times during theread more
Carcinoid tumor in my right lung
- 12/11/2015
In 2006 they found a Carcinoid tumor in my right lung and ended up removing the upper lobe of my lung.
Seven years later I started experiencing the same symptoms that lead to the discovery of the cancer in my right lung. A Nuclear medicine test calledread more

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