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LB-X (100 caps) (ko)
Contains more digestive bitters than most laxative formulas. Increases the production of stomach, pancreatic and liver digestive fluids.
List Price: $29.95
Price: $19.95
Nature's Three (12 oz.) (ko)
High fiber bulk laxative.
List Price: $38.30
Price: $25.50
Psyllium Hulls Combination (11 oz.) (ko)
A laxative fiber supplement. Provides bulk for regular stools to relieve constipation or diarrhea. Absorbs body waste products for quick removal.
List Price: $34.70
Price: $23.10
Cascara Sagrada (100 caps) (ko)
From Nature's Sunshine - Can be used to correct habitual use of other laxatives while gradually restoring natural colon activity. Constipation.
List Price: $19.50
Price: $12.95
LB Extract (2 fl. oz.) (ko)
Liquid stimulant laxative for children and Others. Strengthens the colon and increases peristalsis to evacuate bowel.
List Price: $21.40
Price: $14.25
Tiao He Cleanse (15 day)
From NSP Nature's Sunshine - Complete body internal cleansing of metabolic waste. Supports intestinal regularity. Improves energy and well-being.
List Price: $53.25
Price: $35.45
Liquid Cleanse (16 fl. oz.)
Support to the bowel and liver. Promotes regularity in maintaining healthy bowel movements.
List Price: $28.70
Price: $25.00
Psyllium (Seeds) (100 caps) (ko)
Psyllium seeds include both the germ and the husk. (The husk contains most of the bulking mucilage and are most desirable for use as bulk laxative.)
List Price: $24.45
Price: $16.25
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