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Product ID 1345
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Nature's Three (12 oz.) (ko) or Three

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Price: $43.70
High fiber bulk laxative.

Psyllium, oat bran and apple pectin combined as a high-fiber supplement.
Fiber can help prevent constipation, reduce diarrhea, control weight and control serum cholesterol levels.

Psyllium hulls absorb wastes from the bowel and stimulate the bowel to move.
Psyllium absorbs cholesterol and helps lower the levels of blood cholesterol.
Oat fiber also helps clear the blood of excessive fats.
It is safe for people who are sensitive to grain gluten.
Pectin helps to soften the stool and improve transit time.
Try 1 tsp (or more) of Nature's Three in a glass of water before meals to control appetite.
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