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1. VS-C tcm

Virus-fighting immune system Stimulant. Chronic viral infections include flu, infectious hepatitis, Epstein Barr and herpes (including cold/canker sores). Dr. Xie feels it may benefit persons with chronic immune deficiency (including AIDS) and those who have had antibiotics prescribed to excess.

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I just read your article on herpes and I wanted to share with you my experience with taking VS-C.
I have herpes and I used to get outbreaks all over my lips. It was bad and very embarrassing. When I broke out it surrounded both my top and bottom lips and the itching was terrible. II read on a message bored one day that VS-C was a cure. The person who wrote the comment stated that after taking the pills for 6 months they were cured.
I read what information I could find on VS-C and decided to try it for 6 months. I have yet to have another out break since I've stopped taking it. It has only been a little over 3 months but 3 months clear is a great thing for me! I don't know if that person was actually right about it being a cure but I can say for sure that it has helped me.
I just wanted to share that. I really enjoy your newsletters by the way! They are very informative.
Shanon S.


Virus-fighting, gland-regulating amino acid I-Lysine is not produced in the body and must be obtained from the diet.
This is often difficult because it is destroyed by cooking. I-Lysine regulates ovaries, mammary and pineal glands.
It works with vitamin C/bioflavonoids to build collagen for new connective tissue and bones.
I-Lysine is necessary for all amino acid assimilation.

It is used to fight fever blisters/cold sores and mouth ulcers (herpes simplex virus).
The required dose ranges from 400 to 1,000 mg.

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C-Herb seems to immediately remove the protein shell in which a virus can hide. If a virus is to survive in the body, it must hide itself within something that the body will not reject. The most common source of disguise is protein. When the virus is coated with protein, the body sees nothing unwanted and takes no action against it. A good example is the influenza virus. It hides itself in protein which serves two purposes. It not only is hidden from the action of the immune system, it can be ushered into the center of a cell as the cell receives the protein. When inside the cell, the virus sheds its protein coating and begins dividing into thousands more viruses which find their way back into the blood system and continues the process until disease overtakes the host.

The second action of C-Herb seems to be the elevation of the activity of the immune system. The immune system will actually appear dormant until something excites it. An example might be that of an athlete who is preparing to run the 100 yard dash. All tests given this athlete before the race would show very low activity of the immune system. At the end of the race, immediate testing would show the activity of the immune system to be several hundred times higher than just a few seconds before. When the immune system decides the crisis is over, it quickly goes back to its lower status. It appears that C-Herb excites the immune system to several times its resting level and maintains that level as long as C-Herb is present.


The liver performs its role as food inspector, detoxifier, and gives it the wherewithal to be your own metabolic chemical plant.
After the food has been inspected and detoxified, it is allowed to flow into the body for general circulation.

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body. It performs a large number of functions that are essential to the health of all body systems.

The liver aids in metabolism and digestion, and is a major detoxifying organ, breaking down and neutralizing harmful toxic substances. The liver plays a role in the production of blood-clotting substances and produces much of the body's cholesterol, which is required for the synthesis of hormones and the maintenance of healthy cell membranes. The liver also aids in controlling blood sugar levels by releasing stored glucose when blood sugar levels fall too low.

This vital organ is susceptible to many diseases and conditions that can impair liver function, some of which include cirrhosis, hepatitis, and cancer. Some causes of liver damage and disease include alcohol, environmental pollutants, medications, and viral infections.

Common sense: When using c-herb, the immune system will force the body to evacuate a lot of unwanted "toxins" putting an extra burden on the liver. Your liver needs all the help it can get in that situation!


Energique's HZ Stat is a homeopathic remedy that supports the detoxification of Herpes simplex 1 & 2 and Herpes Zoster infections.

It is beneficial for the temporary relief of aches and pains, febrile conditions, and painful skin lesions associated with Herpes infections.
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