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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

L-Lysine (100 caps) (ko) or Lysine

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Virus-fighting, gland-regulating amino acid L-Lysine is not produced in the body and must be obtained from the diet.
This is often difficult because it is destroyed by cooking. L-Lysine regulates ovaries, mammary and pineal glands.

It works with vitamin C/bioflavonoids to build collagen for new connective tissue and bones.

L-Lysine is necessary for all amino acid assimilation.
It is used to fight fever blisters/cold sores and mouth ulcers (herpes simplex virus).

The required dose ranges from 400 to 1,000 mg.
It's interesting that Lysine and Arginine levels influence each other.
Arginine is found in peanuts and chocolate.
Many people report outbreaks of fever blisters after several candy bars.

Also, Lysine deficiency can interfere with carnitine synthesis.
Remember that L-Carnitine is needed to burn fat as energy.
This is another reason that candy bars can make you fat!
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