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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

SugarReg (60 caps)

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NSP SugarReg provides nutrients that may help support the body's efforts to regulate blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range.

  • Supports normal-range blood sugar levels.
  • Activates cell glucose transporters.
  • Supports the liver; aids digestion.
  • How It Works
  • Banaba leaf, gymnema and bitter melon provide nutrients that support the healthy function of the glandular system, particularly the pancreas. All three have been used extensively.
  • Fenugreek supports normal blood sugar levels and provides significant antioxidant benefits.
  • Nopal provides needed nutrients to the liver and aids in digestion. This prickly pear cactus has a well-documented history of helping the body maintain acceptable blood sugar levels.
  • Chromium, an important trace mineral, is essential for healthy blood sugar levels. It helps insulin get into the cell. A deficiency in chromium can affect blood sugar levels.
  • Vanadium may help the body control blood sugar because it mimics the activity of insulin.
  • Cinnamon extract may have a positive effect on blood glucose levels.

  • Being mindful of your sugar intake and knowing what to do if you overdo it, can help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals.

    In small quantities, sugar isn't too bad. However, overindulging in sweets can often lead to a stomachache or other forms of digestive distress. When large amounts of sugar are digested, they react with your internal gut bacteria. This leads to a fermentation process that can cause gas, bloating and cramps which result in stomach pain.

    So, when you start feeling some internal discomfort after snacking on a few favorites sugar treats, try adding some natural supplementation to help soothe your stomach.

    Try beginning with SugarReg. Featuring a researched, proprietary blend of non-GMO botanicals, SugarReg combines field-tested ingredients, including chromium, vanadium, Chinese bitter melon fruit and cassia cinnamon bark. These unique ingredients help support glandular system function and healthy blood sugar levels for better overall wellness.

    If you're working to alleviate an unsettled tummy, try Stomach Comfort. Formulated by the experts at Nature's Sunshine, Stomach Comfort offers a unique blend of calcium, alginic acid, ginger and licorice to buffer and potentially reduce stomach acid. In doing so, Stomach Comfort's specialized ingredients work in tandem to aid proper digestion. Together, these ingredients help quell and soothe an upset stomach through natural means.

    Featured benefits
    • Relieves occasional digestive discomfort
    • Neutralizes stomach acid
    • Supports the digestive system
    Don't let sugar scare you! Whatever your plans, having a few helpful wellness supplements on hand can ensure a happier day or celebration and a healthier outcome. Including SugarReg and Stomach Comfort by Nature's Sunshine on your list of essentials can help you be prepared for those additional sweets, so you can celebrate knowing nature is on your side.
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