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Anti-Gas TCM Conc. (30 caps)
Herbal combination that supports the Pancreas - Lowers blood sugar. Relieves glandular inflammation including pancreas, prostate, kidneys and liver.
List Price: $46.95
Price: $31.25
Pro-Pancreas (100 caps) (ko)
From NSP Nature's Sunshine - Helps the liver control blood sugar, tone the pancreas, enhances digestion, builds immunity. Urinary, prostate and glandular health.
List Price: $30.00
Price: $19.95
Blood Sugar Formula, Ayurvedic (100 caps)
From NSP Nature's Sunshine - Helps to normalize the organs (pancreas and liver) that regulate blood glucose levels and body energy. Blood sugar.
List Price: $46.50
Price: $30.95
Berberine IR (90 caps)
Supports healthy glucose metabolism
List Price: $48.00
Price: $31.95
Chromium GTF (90 tabs) (ko)
Critical for regulation of blood sugar. Insulin works with the GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) molecule to regulate blood sugar levels by transporting glucose into the body's cells.
List Price: $15.20
Price: $10.10
UltraBiome DTX
Supports the elimination of heavy metals, healthy intestinal permeability, helps purify the gut and balance beneficial bacteria, provides sustained energy and optimizes nutrient absorption, a balanced glucose response
List Price: $72.75
Price: $48.50
Cinnamon Balance
A natural solution to blood sugar stabilization, supports a healthy glycemic balance by supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism, provides 1,000 mg cassia cinnamon bark per day.
List Price: $29.25
Price: $19.50
Carbo Grabbers w/Chromium (60 caps) (ko)
Helps reduce the conversion of some starches to calories. Helps the body's efforts to maintain blood sugar levels
List Price: $36.45
Price: $24.25
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