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Product ID 665
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Ginseng, Korean (100 caps) (ko)

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Panax ginseng

Like other ginsengs, Korean ginseng is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress.
Korean ginseng is the most widely used and studied ginseng in the world.
It is a "yang" tonic that stimulates energy and increases the flow of life energy or "chi"
NSP guarantees a potency of 12 mg ginsenosides per tablet.

Recommended Usage:
Take one capsule with a meal twice daily.

Amount Per Capsule:
Ginseng Root Extract (Panax ginseng) 390 mg*
3.5% ginsenosides
*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:
Kosher gelatin and water.

Miscellaneous Information

7 12 mg Ginsenosides per Capsule
7 Powerful Adaptogenic Herb
7 Helps Body Adapt to Stress
7 Boosts Energy
7 Supports Immune System
* Each capsule is guaranteed to contain 12 mg of ginsenosides. Korean (Panax) ginseng is best known for its adaptogenic properties.

Comments from Steven Horne RH (AHG)
Ginseng is consider the king of tonics, and is taken daily by millions of Asian men. Its scientific name, Panax ginseng, reflects its wide range of uses. Panax comes from the Latin word, panacea, which refers remedies that are considered "cure alls," a term that describes a remedy that works on many different health problems.
Korean ginseng tonifies qi, replenishing vital energy, and calms the shen to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. Specifically, it improves immune function, enhances endurance, reduces stress, improves memory and enhances learning, calms the emotions and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also promotes sexual vitality in men.
A typical dose is 1-2 capsules twice daily.

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