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Colon Cleansing: A Simple Secret to Better Health

Every day, our body manufactures waste in the process of metabolism. Every day, we also ingest substances through food, water and air that are potentially harmful for our system. Fortunately, the body has the capacity to deal with this problem. The body rids itself of metabolic waste and chemical irritants through various eliminative systems.


Although medical science tends to discredit the idea of cleansing, natural healers have long stressed the importance of maintaining good elimination for better health. After all, it makes sense that the body will be healthier if waste and toxins are eliminated quickly. In fact, just about any system or machine needs some kind of regular cleaning to run properly.

Plumbers know that pipes can get clogged and drains need to be cleaned. Auto mechanics realize that oil and other fluids need to be regularly changed to keep engines running smoothly. Even electronic equipment needs to be cleaned periodically to keep dust from damaging circuits.

It makes sense that this is also true for our bodies. Most of us strive to keep the outside of the body clean, but few pay much attention to keeping clean on the inside. Most people who have done some internal cleansing, however, have noted numerous improvements in their general health.

Unfortunately, many people think that the solution to better elimination is to simply take a laxative (herbal or otherwise). This is simply not the case. Cleansing is about two things. One is minimizing your exposure to toxins in the first place and the other is using herbs, supplements, hydrotherapy, fasting or other natural means to improve the function of eliminative organs.

Do You Need A Good Cleanse?
Answer Key
Type in the number 1 for answering "No" to questions 3 and 10.
Type in the number 1 for answering "Yes" to all other questions

1 Frequently congested (sinus congestion, mucus in the lungs, coughing, etc.?
2 Do you have problems with your skin (acne, rashes, eczema, blemishes, etc.?
3 Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and invigorated?  If the answer is "no" type in 1
4 Do you frequently get headaches or suffer from other chronic aches and pains?
5 In general, is your stool hard and dry?
6 Do your bowels eliminate less than two times per day?
7 Is your urine generally dark colored?
8 Regularly working with chemicals (commercial cleaning products, pesticides, beauty products, etc)?
9 Do you have problems with swollen lymph nodes?
10 In general, can you pass your stool without straining? If the answer is "no" type in 1

Evaluating your score:

6- 10 points means your system is really clogged and you would benefit by using this cleansing program described below.
If you also need to lose weight then select this program
3-5 points means your system is slightly clogged, you would probably find some "daily housekeeping" cleansing helpful
1-2 points = you are in great shape, keep up the good work!

Harmonize Your Health with a Comprehensive Cleanse

Tiao He CleanseThe Tiao He Cleanse is one of the best basic cleansing programs in the marketplace. It is not a harsh cleanse, but is still very effective. The Tiao He Cleanse gets its name from the Chinese herbal formula Tiao He, sold under the trade name Chinese Liver Balance. Tiao He means to "mediate harmony," referring to the formula's ability to harmonize the function of internal organs by helping to ease congestion in the liver.

Besides the Chinese Liver Balance (Tiao He) formula, the cleanse contains:
All Cell Detox, a general cleansing formula.
It also features Lower Bowel Stimulator (LBS II), a stimulant laxative herbal blend.
Psyllium Hulls, a dietary fiber.

Two single herbs, Burdock Root and Black Walnut Hulls ATC Concentrate, complete the program.
Burdock root is a traditional blood purifier that has been used to clear up skin conditions and toxic conditions in the blood and lymph, including cancer.
Black Walnut has antiparasitic and antimicrobial action.

The Tiao He Cleanse not only helps improve colon transit time and clean out the colon, it also aids liver detoxification and improves kidney and lymphatic drainage. It stimulates digestion and even has a mild parasitic action. This 14-day cleanse contains convenient packets you can carry with you in your pocket or purse. It is even more effective if you add more fiber to the cleanse.

Take 1-2 heaping teaspoons of a fiber blend like Psyllium Hulls Combination or Everybody's Fiber first thing in the morning along with a large glass of water.

Taking an enzyme formula like Proactazyme between meals will also enhance the action of the cleanse. And, remember to drink plenty of water during the cleanse, at least 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day.

In addition one should also consider repopulating the intestines with friendly bacteria such as Bifidophilus. A must!


For Adults Only
It is a good idea to start this excellent program 2 days prior to the new moon or the full moon.

Take the contents of one packet (6 capsules) 15 minutes before meals up to three times daily.
We strongly recommend to follow the program indicated in the table below, starting with 1 packet 15 minutes before dinner on your day 1.
Drink one glass (8 ounces) of Spring water with the capsules, followed by another glass of water.
This should produce two or three bowel movements daily. If stools become too loose, reduce the number of packets being used. Continue the program until all 30 packets have been used. (Program not recommended for children.)

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables (especially green leafy), and whole grains (rice) while using this product.
Avoid red meat, coffee, alcohol, and sugary or fried foods.
Drink plenty of Spring water.

Continue until all 30 packets have been used. IF DIARRHEA reduce quantity.


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