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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Mandarin, Red (15 ml)

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It is used in children's remedies and by pregnant women and the elderly. It is often used for hiccups and to soothe indigestion. It may also support the liver.
Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata
Note: Top
Odor Intensity: Low (green) to Medium-High (red)

Children's concerns, Hiccups, Indigestion, Insomnia, Restlessness, Stretch marks

Aroma: Fresh, citrus, lively.

Blends well with: Bergamot, cinnamon, clove, lavender, sandalwood.
Part used. Peel Properties: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, digestive, diuretic (mild), sedative, tonic.

Emotional concerns:
Stress, tension, moodiness, shock.

Photosensitizing; do not use on skin prior to sun exposure.

Other Comments:
Like other quality citrus essential oils, mandarin is obtained by cold expression of the peel of the fruit. The result is an essential oil that has a sweet citrus aroma. Green mandarin tends to have a softer, more floral aroma, while the red mandarin's aroma is more pungent.

French aromatherapists consider mandarin to be one of the safest essential oils. Hence, it is used in children's remedies and by pregnant women and the elderly. It is often used for hiccups and to soothe indigestion. It may also support the liver. Like all citrus oils, mandarin is photosensitizing, which means that topical use may cause skin to bum more quickly and more deeply in sunlight or from tanning beds.
6 ounces distilled water
3 drops mandarin
2 drops lemon
1 tablespoon witch hazel

Combine ingredients in a glass bottle.
Shake mixture before use.
This will have a shelf life of about one month.

For an even more natural toner, make an infusion of I heaping tablespoon of dried witch hazel herb in 1 cup of boiling water.
Allow the mixture to steep for 10 minutes, then strain.
Substitute the infusion for the distilled water and the prepared witch hazel in the above recipe.

6 drops mandarin
4 drops neroli
2 drops geranium or 3 drops lavender
1 teaspoon each fresh flaxseed oil, fresh hazelnut oil, fresh rose hip seed oil
1 tablespoon of quality base oil such as wheat germ
1 Vitamin E capsule, cut open and added to mixture 1 ounce cocoa butter

Melt cocoa butter slowly over low heat in a small, stainless steel pan.
Remove from heat and stir in the vegetable -oils and vitamin E.
Add the essential oils last as the mixture is cooling.
High-quality carrier oils turn rancid very quickly and should be stored in the refrigerator. You can find flax seed oil in the refrigerated section of your health food store. If you cannot locate the rose hip seed oil or hazelnut oil, the recipe will still be effective. Instead, increase the base oil to 1 1/2

Mandarin Pure Essential Oil [Nervous, Skin] (Citrus reticulata, cold pressed). Mandarins fruity, cheerful aroma is invigorating and uplifting.
Its astringent properties make it beneficial for skin tone, while natural antioxidants help protect the skin.

Do not use topically prior to sun exposure; can irritate skin.
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