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High Fat Diet ... Precautions
More info about the heart can be found here


Mega-Chel to Remove Arterial Plaque
Key Product
This powerful oral chelation product can be used to help reverse arterial plaque buildup and improve circulation to the heart, brain and peripheral areas of the body.
It can also be used in place of a daily multi-vitamin and mineral for people who wish to maintain healthy circulation.
See the instructions on how to do the oral chelation program on this page (important!).


Fat Grabbers - Dissolves and absorbs dietary fat for elimination.

Fat Grabbers should be taken before you eat a fatty meal and away from other supplements.
It contains emulsifiers to dissolve fat along with fiber to absorb fat and carry it out with your bowel movements. The fiber in guar gum and psyllium is well known to reduce cholesterol levels. The fiber will also absorb other material including old intestinal residue. 

A friend with no gall bladder discovered that this product makes it more comfortable to eat double cheeseburgers. (Please don't!).
Always take fiber supplements with plenty of water. Fat Grabbers is marketed as a weight management product.


Solstic Cardio to Help Regulate Blood Pressure
This combination contain L-arginine, which stimulates the production of nitric oxide, the substance that dilates the blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.
Solstic Cardio also contains resveratrol (a powerful antioxidant that supports the cardiovascular system), vitamin K2 (contributes to bone health and facilitates calcium absorption), vitamin D3 (supports immune function, mood and bone health, and helps maintain normal calcium and phosphorous levels in the blood), pomegranate (may support cardiovascular function) and an amino acid blend. It also support the health of the arterial walls to inhibit plaque formation.


HS II for Improved Circulation
HS II is a basic herbal remedy for the heart.
It reduces inflammation and helps normalize blood pressure.
This exceptional combination is a corrective for a wide range of circulation complaints including both high and low blood pressure.


Ginkgo/Hawthorn for Brain and Peripheral Circulation
Ginkgo enhances peripheral circulation and improves blood flow to the brain.
It also helps prevent blood clots from forming.
It is combined with hawthorn, one of the best general herbs for heart health.

CardioxLDL for healthy Cholesterol Metabolism Support
Support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function.

This unique and powerful herbal formula helps to modulate cholesterol oxidation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

for heart protection & much more

When it comes to protecting your heart, one of the best antioxidants is Co-Q10.

It reduces blood pressure, aids recovery from heart attacks, keeps LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and improves energy production in the heart muscle.

Statin drugs deplete Q-10, so this supplement should always be taken by people using statin drugs to lower cholesterol.

for Heart Energy

This important amino acid, found primarily in red meat, transports fatty acids to be metabolized for energy in the mitochondria.
It improves energy production and oxygen utilization in the heart and can be very helpful for improving heart health.
A deficiency of I-Carnitine can result in the buildup of fat in muscles, heart and liver.
A deficiency can occur from crash dieting or when too much fat is consumed.  

Also a weak digestive system, certain prescription drugs and fatigue can interfere with liver production of I-Carnitine. 
The liver requires sufficient vitamin C, thiamin, vitamin B and I-Lysine to build I-Carnitine. 
I-Carnitine has been used effectively to treat several fatty liver disorders.


to Prevent Spasms

About half of all Americans are deficient in magnesium, a critical mineral for heart health. Magnesium helps the heart and blood vessels to relax properly, which reduces stress on the heart, helps protect the heart against spasms and helps lower blood pressure.

Magnesium is also essential for energy production in the heart.


for Cardiac Health

This blend contains nutrients that help to metabolize homocysteine and acts as an antioxidant to protect the heart.
It can help maintain normal cholesterol and inhibit the formation of clots in the circulatory system.

Use it as a preventative supplement to strengthen and support the heart.

Don't be one of the statistics. Alter your lifestyle and start using some of the many supplements that can keep your heart healthy.

The "3 Essentials"
(For most common health issues: visit this page)

1. Our very existence is dependent upon the body's ability to utilize minerals because minerals activate enzymes! More about minerals
2. Digestive Enzymes: If food is not digesting properly, it creates waste that builds up downstream in the colon... an open door to toxicity & diseases! More Info
3. Probiotics: "Friendly gut bacteria play a crucial role in preventing diseases, from cancer to obesity". Dr. Robynne Chutkan M.D. More info

Super Supplemental
Vitamins & Minerals

Super Supplemental

  It packs vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs for practically unbeatable supplement and antioxidant support.
Food Enzymes
Proper Digestion & Assimilation
Food Enzymes
  No supplement we take is going to do us any good if we cannot digest and assimilate properly.
Probiotic Eleven
Taking care of your "Second Brain"!
Probiotic Eleven
  These essential "friendly" microbes help regulate intestinal functions & improve immunity. "All diseases begin in the gut!" Hippocrates