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Herbal Back Adjustment
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

Here is a little secret. All bones, including those along the spine, are held in place by muscles, so when your back is out of alignment, adjusting it by simply moving the bones doesn't really fix the problem.
The secret is to get the muscles on both sides of your backbone to relax, so the vertebrae move more easily into position and stay there.

This can be easily done by means of an "herbal back adjustment." This procedure can be done before going to the chiropractor to make adjustments easier and hold longer, or it can be done by itself to encourage the spine to align itself naturally.

Start by applying a mixture of capsicum and lobelia extracts to the muscles on both sides of the spinal column and massaging them in. Follow this by putting Tei Fu oil on both sides of the spine and massaging that in, too. If there are problems with disks, spray Nature's Fresh on the spine before applying the Tei Fu.

If you have chronic back problems try doing an herbal back adjustment every day and taking KB-C daily. We think you'll be pleased at how much this will help.

The therapy Herbal Adjustment helps deal with Physical Trauma and Mental and Emotional Stress, two of the root causes of disease.


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