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Bladder Infection
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

See also Urinary Tract Infections (to prevent, treat)

The bladder can easily become infected, especially women, from bacteria in the feces. This is especially true when the microflora of the intestinal tract has been upset due to the use of antibiotics, birth control pills and other medications. An imbalance in the pH of the body will also make one more prone to bladder infections. Invasion of the bladder by bacteria can result in pain, itching, burning urination, and frequent urgency to void.

To prevent bladder infections unsweetened cranberry juice is helpful. The Cranberry/Buchu combination will also help prevent, but not treat bladder infections. When there is an active infection, use remedies such as goldenseal, Silver Shield, uva ursi or Ultimate Echinacea to fight the infection.

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Therapies: Urinary Tract Infection

Herbs: Golden Seal. Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi and White Oak Bark

Herbal Formulas: Cranberry & Buchu, Golden Seal/parthenium, JP-X, KB-C and Ultimate Echinacea

Herbal Extracts: Olive Leaf

Nutrients: Silver Shield and Vitamin C

Nutraceuticals: Urinary Maintenance


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