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Product ID 834
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Cranberry & Buchu Conc. (100 caps) (ko)

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Intended for urinary tract infections.

Cranberry contains a substance that reduces the ability of bacteria to cling to the lining of the urinary tract.
This may reduce the tendency to develop urinary tract infections.
Cranberry also controls the odor of urine from incontinent individuals. It retards the degradation of urine by Escherichia coli bacteria to produce ammonia odors.
Buchu is one of the most nourishing herbs for the urinary tract and is slightly diuretic. It also has tonic, astringent and antiseptic properties that may contribute to reducing urinary tract infections and inflammation.
As an aromatic herb it helps to improve digestion. Buchu has also been used for the prostate and pancreas; it may be useful for early stages of diabetes.
Contains cranberry juice concentrate, buchu concentrate reduced to powder before capsulation.
NSP recommends that individuals do not take this concentrated formula in conjunction with uva ursi.
Take with water.
Adults: 3-6 per day
children: 1 capsule 2 times per day.

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This Stuff Is Amazing!
- 5/26/2016
My mom was hooked on antibiotics because she kept getting bladder infections. This product stopped that and she takes it regularly to prevent extra infections and trips to the doctor along with the suffering and discomfort of getting sick every few monthsread more

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