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By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

When a child loses bladder control while sleeping and wets the bed, it is often related to the same reasons why some adults have to wake up two or three times a night to go to the bathroom-adrenal fatigue, because the adrenals help to regulate fluid balance in the body.
It can also be due to fear, hypoglycemia, mineral imbalances or a weakness of the kidneys and bladder.

If the children also tends to wet themselves during the day, they may have a urinary tract infection.
Licorice root or HY-A can help build the adrenals and regulate blood sugar.
A protein snack before bedtime (such as a couple of ounces of peanut butter, cottage cheese or beef jerky) may also help.
Collatrim taken before bed will have the same effect.

Mineral imbalances may also contribute to this problem.
Magnesium deficiency in particular may be a root cause.
Kidney herbs (cornsilk, JP-X, Kidney Activator, marshmallow, parsley) are often used to encourage urination during the day.

If the problem is a lack of tone in the sphincter of the bladder then uva ursi taken as a tea may be helpful.

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Therapies: Hydration and Low Glycemic Diet

Herbs: Black Cohosh, Cornsilk, Eleuthero, Jumper Berries, Kava Kava, Licorice Root, Marshmallow, Parsley, Red Raspberry, St. John's Wort, Uva Ursi and White Oak Bark

Herbal Formulas: Cranberry & Buchu, HY-A, JP-X, Kidney Activator, Kidney Drainage and Pro-pancreas - UR-W

Herbal Extracts: Green Tea Extract

Nutrients: Chromium GTF and Magnesium

Nutraceuticals: Adrenal Support, Collatrim, Master Gland and Urinary Maintenance

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