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UR-W (4oz.)
Product ID: urw4
Manufacturer: Pure Herbs, Ltd.
UR-W (4oz.)
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UR-W Pure Herbs Liquid Extract used Historically for Urinary, infections stones, bedwetting.

UR-W Pure Herbs Liquid Extract is an herbal combination developed for urinary tract problems of all kinds, corrects burning, reduces swelling of prostate and uterus, pinching, pressure, tightens urinary sphincter control to correct incontinence and dissolves stones of the kidneys and bladder.

When using a kidney formula for dissolving accumulated waste or flushing out infections, it is a good idea to drink at least 6 glasses of a good spring water per day.

Take internally, daily, to correct infections and prevent problems.

For men and women it is very important to have a good bowel maintenance program, in conjunction with solving urinary problems, to guard against bowel wastes being reabsorbed and irritating the surrounding areas. (SEE: CCE-W)

For women it is important to use the napkin instead of the tampon, as the tampon holds irritants internally that aggravate surrounding areas.

Recommended Dosage: As a daily maintenance of the urinary tract, 30 to 40 drops per day.
If an active problem, then 40 to 80 drops internally, after meals, or hourly while awake, in times of crisis.

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