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Backache, Back Pain, Lumbago
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

Pain in the back, often relates to a lack of minerals, acid pH and/or poor kidney function. Some of these remedies are for topical use for immediate pain relief and others work internally for more long-term relief.

When a person has severe pain in the back, several things may be to blame. An over acid condition of the tissues may be resulting in mineral depletion and muscle spasms.
Strengthening the kidneys in their ability to flush acid waste using KB-C and drinking more pure water is often helpful.
Alkalizing the diet by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and less meat and grains will also help.

Some people may find that they are mineral deficient and need more minerals to create greater structural strength in the spine. Ionicl minerals, Skeletal Strength, Calcium w/Magnesium, Collatrim, PLS II and Herbal CA have all been effective in some cases.

For immediate pain relief apply lobelia extract along both sides of the spine and massage the muscles to help them relax.
Follow this with an application of Tei Fu Essential Oils and massage some more. This helps the spine relax and draws oxygen and nutrients to the area.
APS II may also help relieve inflammation that is associated with the pain.
Spraying Nature's Fresh along the spine can also relieve inflammation, especially when the cause of the back pain is problems with the spinal disks.

Bodywork can also be helpful for backache. Try stretching exercises, yoga, massage therapy and/or chiropractic care. Maintaining good posture is also essential to a healthy back.

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Aromatherapy, Herbal Adjustment, Hydration and Poultice

Herbs: Cordyceps, Devil's Claw, Kava Kava, Lobelia and Wood Betony

Herbal Formulas: APS II, Bone Skin Poultice, Chinese Kidney Activator, Herbal CA, IF Relief, JP-X, KB-C, Kidney Activator, Liver Balance and Nervous Fatigue Formula

Nutritional Supplements: Skeletal Strength

Nutrients: Magnesium, Niacin and Vitamin C

Nutraceuticals: Collatrim and EverFlex

Essential Oils: Deep Relief Oil and Tei Fu Oil

Topicals: Pain Relief, EverHex Pain Cream, Massage Oil and Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray


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