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Arrhythmia (Irregular Heart Rate)
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

Arrhythmia refers to an irregular heartbeat. This problem can be difficult to treat with herbs and nutrition. It is sometime congenital (inherited) and in such cannot be effectively eliminated. It can be due to a lack of minerals or stress. A hiatal hernia may also cause arrhythmia.

Seek appropriate medical assistance to help determine the severity of the problem and, if possible, the cause.

Arrhythmia will sometimes respond to cardiac tonics such as hawthorn berries, CardioAssurance or HS II. In some cases it will respond to nervines such as passion flower, lobelia or valerian.
Magnesium or trace minerals like Colloidal Minerals are often needed.
Adaptogens like wild American ginseng or Eleuthero Root may also help to regulate the cardiac rhythm in some cases.
Mineral Chi Tonic may help in some cases because it supplies minerals and has adaptogenic properties.

Some of the best herbs for arrhythmia are toxic botanicals not available from Nature's Sunshine. You may be able to find them through a professional herbalist. These include lily of the valley, night blooming cerus, arnica and mistletow.

In the absence of being able to find appropriate herbal remedies, drug medications may be needed to stabilize the condition. When suffering from arrhythmia avoid stimulants like caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, ephedra, licorice root and peppermint essential Oil.

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Therapies: Hiatal Hernia Correction

Herbs: Black Cohosh, Eleuthero,Hawthorn Berries Caps or Liquid, Passion Flower, Korean Ginseng, Lobelia,Wild American Ginseng

Herbal Formulas: HS II

Nutrients: Magnesium

Nutraceuticals: Cardio Assurance

Essential Oils: Rose Bulgaria

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