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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Passion Flower (100 caps) (ko)

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Antispasmodic - muscle relaxant - sleep aid.
Passiflora incarnata

Passion flower is a mild sedative nervine.
It is more likely to help you sleep than to generate "passion". The name was given in the 1560's by Spanish doctor who was reminded of the "Passion of the Crucifixion" by the configuration of the blossom.
Although passion flower is an effective tranquilizeler, it also contain stimulants; yielding "a complex activity on the central nervous system.
It is not narcotic so there is no possibility of addiction.
It relaxes digestive and uterine spasms and helps relieve pain.
It may also relax blood vessel spasms which would make it helpful for migraines and coronary health.
It kills many molds, fungi and bacteria and has been used as a wound dressing.
It is not true that passion flower contains the poison cyanide.
Ornamental blue passion flower (passiflora Qaerula) does, but this is an entirely different plant.
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