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Recover Soothing Blend (15ml)
Apply to muscles after a long workout or athletic event Dilute with Nature's Sunshine Carrier Oil in an NSP roll-on bottle or for convenient, targeted application whenever needed. Perfect for gym bags!
List Price: $58.80
Price: $39.25
Ylang Ylang, Organic (15ml)
Helpful with stress and anxiety. Promotes feelings of happiness and gratitude. Certified Organic!
List Price: $61.90
Price: $41.25
Changes Women's Health Blend (15ml)
* Mix with water in a spray bottle or with Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray for a quick, cooling mist any time of day. * Dilute with Carrier or Massage Oil and apply to pressure points like the temple area, wrists or behind the ears.
List Price: $44.65
Price: $29.75
Myrrh, Wild (15ml)
Promotes feelings of balance and well-being. Diffuse in a room during meditation or prayer.
List Price: $89.95
Price: $59.95
Jasmine (5ml)
Encourages a romantic atmosphere. Helps ease dry, sensitive skin.
List Price: $118.15
Price: $78.75
Neroli, Organic (5ml)
Restorative skin properties when applied topically. Can be diffused for a nurturing and calming effect Certified Organic!
List Price: $171.75
Price: $114.50
Rose (5ml)
Comforts and calms matters of the heart. Promotes affection and warmth when diffused in a room.
List Price: $239.95
Price: $159.95
Sweet Marjoram (15ml)
Useful for massage therapy. Diffuses to ease nervous exhaustion. Organically grown.
List Price: $52.45
Price: $34.95
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