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Nervous Fatigue Formula TCM Conc. (30 caps)
Helps detoxify the body. Supports the digestive, intestinal and urinary systems.
List Price: $41.70
Price: $27.75
PBS (100 caps) (ko)
Pancreas and Blood Sugar - for diabetics. Balances blood sugar levels, strengthens glands, especially the pancreas and liver. Also contains Goldenseal which helps lower blood sugar.
List Price: $37.95
Price: $25.25
Spleen Activator TCM Conc. (30 caps)
From NSP - Nature's Sunshine - The adrenal glands and pancreas are stimulated to produce more enzymes and hormones.
List Price: $50.30
Price: $33.50
Anti-Gas Form. w/Lobelia (100 caps) (ko)
Used after meals to improve digestion by increasing circulation and production of digestive fluids. Helps reduce belching, abdominal pain and nausea.
List Price: $23.65
Price: $15.75
Everybody's Fiber (4.6 oz.)
Supports the digestive and immune systems. Promotes regularity in maintaining healthy bowel movements.Removal of toxins and waste.
List Price: $33.00
Price: $21.95
Chlorophyll Liquid ES (16 oz.)
From Nature's Sunshine - Known to support your body on both a molecular and cellular level, chlorophyll promotes circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health.
List Price: $24.20
Price: $16.10
Vitamin B-Complex, Balanced (120 tabs)
Particularly important for the nervous system, vital for good digestive function and enzyme reactions that control energy, circulation, hormones and overall health
List Price: $23.80
Price: $15.85
Peppermint Oil (0.17 fl. oz.)
From NSP - Nature's Sunshine - Contains menthol which is a proven aid to digestion. Mild antispasmodic for relieving menstrual cramps and nausea.
List Price: $16.90
Price: $11.25
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