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C-Herb External or cherb
Product ID: cherb1
Manufacturer: NuCel Lab.
C-Herb External or cherb
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With the use of C-Herb, most soft tissue growths, such as cancers and moles, reportedly separate from the skin in much the same manner as a scab dries and separates. When the cancer, mole or wart is removed, the entire root system is gone. After the offending tissue has been removed, continuously cover the vacated cavity with the NuCel Replenishing Cream for about two weeks.


Water, fiber, black walnut, burdock, white oak bark and mineral salts.

C-Herb is a combination of several well known herbs and mineral salts. It appears as a dark colored paste and is used either topically or taken orally. The theory of how C-Herb works includes two separate functions:

When taken orally, it seems to immediately remove the protein shell in which a virus can hide. If a virus is to survive in the body, it must hide itself within something that the body will not reject. The most common source of disguise is protein. When the virus is coated with protein, the body sees nothing unwanted and takes no action against it. A good example is the influenza virus. It hides itself in protein which serves two purposes. It not only is hidden from the action of the immune system, it can be ushered into the center of a cell as the cell receives the protein. When inside the cell, the virus sheds its protein coating and begins dividing into thousands more viruses which find their way back into the blood system and continues the process until disease overtakes the host.

The second action of C-Herb seems to be the elevation of the activity of the immune system. The immune systern will actually appear dormant until something excites it. An example might be that of an athlete who is preparing to run the 100 yard dash. All tests given this athlete before the race would show very low activity of the immune system. At the end of the race, immediate testing would show the activity of the immune system to be several hundred times higher than just a few seconds before. When the immune system decides the crisis is over, it quickly goes back to its lower status. It appears that C-Herb excites the immune system to several times its resting level and maintains that level as long as C-Herb is present.

Our Suggestions:
We suggest to purchase the replenishing Cream when purchasing the C-Herb External. It will be needed to soften the tissue prior to using c-herb.
Use the C4 Cream on your face and other VERY sensitive areas. C-4 is a milder version of C-Herb and it is made of C-Herb External Plus the replenishing cream.
In fact you can use (if need be) the replenishing cream to dilute C-Herb.

For the removal of warts, moles, skin cancer and other conditions caused by virus or other offenses to the skin. It will act only upon those conditions that are not natural to the skin.

To help soften tissue 1 to 2 weeks prior to using C-Herb Externally AND the 2 weeks following the use of C-Herb to further minimize scarring of the treated area.

For use when attempting to remove abnormal skin growths from delicate tissues such as the face. If not strong enough you can mix a tiny bit of c-herb external with c4.


Topical use of C-Herb

C-Herb has been used successfully in the removal of warts, moles, skin cancer and other conditions caused by virus or other offenses to the skin. It will act only upon those conditions that are not natural to the skin. It will not help the body remove liver spots because the only thing wrong with the skin is the loss of pigmentation. Remember, C-Herb is not removing the unwanted tissue or condition. It is only exposing the problem to the immune system so it can do its job. The body does the removal and healing. The best way to demonstrate this is to do the opposite by placing C-Herb on good, healthy skin. This can be done repeatedly and it will do nothing. C-Herb is not caustic or acidic. It is not "burning" away unwanted tissue, rather, it is exposing the problem to the body so the immune system will deal with it.

It should be remembered that a wart, for example, is several times larger than what is seen on the surface: When the body rids itself of this unwanted tissue it will leave a hole or crater much larger than would be expected. The appearance might be alarming, but give the body time to repair itself. Usually, in a matter of two or three days, the crater is filled to skin level.

For the removal of warts, moles and other skin abnormalities, treat the area to be removed with just enough C-Herb to barely cover it.

There is no need to pack or over use C-Herb.

Moles are usually removed with two or three applications 24 hours apart. This is generally true of warts although they may require an extra treatment due to the density of the tissue.

No more than five applications should ever be used for any skin abnormality.

Warts should be prepared before application by soaking in warm water or scraping the crown of the wart down so C-Herb can be absorbed by the skin. Each application of C-Herb should be kept in place for 24 hours. This can be done by loosely applying a Band-Aid over the application.

CAUTIONS: There can be pain associated with removal of unwanted tissue. Moles are quite painlessly removed but the removal of a wart on the fingers can produce considerable pain.

· Do not use C-Herb on the face because of possible scarring.

· It is advisable to remove only one area of unwanted tissue at a time.

The results of using C-Herb are very predictable. The first application will produce a "pinking" of the area (see pictures ). The second application will cause the object being removed to die and begin to darken. A yellowish ring will appear around the object, defining the area which will be removed. Remember, C-Herb is not destroying the object, rather, it is the immune system at work so only the object to be removed will be affected and not good tissue. The immune system will remain at work even after the last application of C-Herb.

A few days after the last application, the object will fall out leaving a smooth pink crater. There should not be an open sore. Do not attempt to force the object from its place too soon. Allow this process to happen naturally. The crater will fill in and smooth over in approximately 10 days. Pigmentation of the area returns in a few months. Scarring is possible when large objects or areas are removed. C-Herb has a pH of 5.5. Never touch C-Herb with metal as this pH can be altered by metal. When applying to the skin, use a toothpick or plastic applicator. Do not put in a metal container.

The above examples (pictures) require C-Herb to be used at full strength, however, there are many applications that might be done in a diluted form. A properly diluted preparation of CHerb serves very well in the control and eradication of keratosis and other large surface areas of damaged or abnormal skin tissue. Much care must be given in the dilution of C-Herb. It will not blend into anything unnatural. It does not mix well with aloe vera. If diluted preparation is desired, contact a distributor of C-Herb for a product already produced or for proper directions of dilution (we recommend NuCel Replenishing Cream).


Basal Cell Carcinoma all forms of skin cancer
Most skin cancer is localized and should be treated by applying the C-Herb in the same way you would treat a mole. For treatment of any area larger than a dime, using NuCel C-4 Cream is strongly encouraged. This treatment takes longer but does not cause an area of disruption larger than the client can manage.

Canker and Cold Sores
These should be treated by placing a small drop of C-Herb on the canker, cold sore or fever blister and leaving it on only until it can be felt. This usually takes just a few seconds. Wipe off the C-Herb immediately. Do not let the C-Herb stay on longer than 30 seconds. This procedure may be repeated twice a day if needed.

If need be, you might need to apply c-herb twice, the second application for 5 days, not to exceed that.
You might have to wait as sometimes it takes a little while, even up to a month, for your immune system to notice and finalize it's work process.
It is NOT recommended to put Replenishing Cream on it as this may hinder it, you may apply it once the plug falls out to help with the healing process.
Keep the area clean and covered with a band-aid. The cyst may never fall out as the body may just absorb it as well, but this all takes time.
Have patience and let the body do the work.

Moles are easily and quickly removed by a direct topical application of C-Herb.

Warts are easily and quickly removed by a direct topical application of C-Herb.

For the removal of moles, warts and many other types of skin abnormalities you may find that the C-Herb works very well. Some discolored spots may not be effected.


Please remember that over use (too much or too long) will increase the chance of scarring so follow the directions as suggested. Treat only on one abnormality at a time and wait for it to heal before treating another.

We suggest that you apply a small amount of Replenishing Cream, to the area you plan to use C-Herb on, for at least 3 days prior to using C-Herb. This will prepare the tissues and reduce the chance of scarring.

Generally, apply a very small amount of C-Herb on the mole or tissue that you want to remove. DO NOT OVER USE the C-Herb. A very light amount which covers the surface area is all that should be used. Once applied, cover with a bandage to hold the herb in place. ONLY WORK ON (1) ONE AREA AT A TIME.

The second application should be applied approximately 24 hours later. Remove the bandage and wash or shower if desired, then apply a second application of C-Herb to the area. This will usually produce a “pinking” of the area. By the third day you will usually notice that the treated tissues are getting darker or are turning white.

It is very important that you look for a white ring of infection either surrounding the treated tissues or actually including all of the tissues being treated with C-Herb. If this is not taking place after 2 applications, continue as per day 1 and 2 up to NOT MORE THAN 5 applications or days total.

After the white ring appears (or 5 days), whichever happens first, please stop using the C-Herb. Within a few days the core of the treated tissues will fall out and leave a small, pink crater. Apply a small amount of Replenishing Cream lightly to this area twice a day. Be careful that the area heals from the bottom and does not close over from the top, leaving a cavity which could cause a cyst. It generally takes from 7 to 14 days for the crater to fill in completely, depending on size.

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