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BP-X (100 caps) (ko)

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Blood purifier from Dr. John Christopher.

"Blood Purifier par excellence!"
This traditional formula enhances the body's maintenance systems; bowels, kidneys, digestion, skin and immunity.
The herbs such as yellow dock are rich in iron needed for strong blood oxygenation capacity.
Caution if chronic weakness in the digestive system; building may be needed before undertaking a strong cleansing program.
If cleansing is too fast (cramps, headache, nausea, etc.) reduce amount for a while.
Drink plenty of water and eat FRESH FOODS.
Be patient and stick with it.

Pau d'Arco, red clover, yellow dock, burdock, sarsaparilla, dandelion, chaparral, cascara sagrada, buckthorn, peach bark, Oregon grape, stillengia, prickly ash, yarrow.

Steve Hornes's comments...
"Outbreaks on the skin (e.g. rashes, pox) and morbid conditions (like cysts or abscesses) were thought to be the result of impure blood. BP-X is a traditional blood purifier formula created by the famous herbalist Dr. John Christopher.

This formula contains several simple bitters, including burdock, red clover, dandelion, yellow dock and Oregon grape. BP-X has been used as a remedy for skin eruptive diseases and problems with the liver and gallbladder. It stimulates the flow of bile to cleanse the liver and it improves lymphatic flow. It has been used for problems like abscesses, acne, blood poisoning, boils, chicken pox, dermatitis, eczema, impetigo, itching, poison ivy or oak, psoriasis, rashes and hives.

It has also been used as part of a general cleansing program and to help maintain healthy bowel function.

Use 2 capsules with two meals daily with plenty of water".

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