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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Coral Calcium (90 caps)

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Enjoy all the benefits of coral calcium in easy-to take, easy-to-carry capsules.

The body acidity is fast becoming the focus of many herbalists.
They believe that an imbalanced pH can negatively affect the physical health of almost all body systems.
Because the modern diet is so high in acid forming foods, most people are exposed to higher levels of acid on a daily basis. Fortunately, NSP's new Coral Calcium is a readily absorbable form of calcium harvested from fossilized coral near Okinawa, Japan.

It can help provide great support to your structural system and help balance the body's pH levels. Balancing your pH helps your body effectively assimilate vitamins and minerals.

Coral Calcium is naturally alkaline (with a pH range of 10-11) to help offset acidity levels caused by the modern diet. One capsule of Coral Calcium contains 110 mg of readily available calcium plus 55 mg of magnesium to increase bone mineralization.

Helps the body offset acidity.
Provides essential calcium to help maintain bone integrity and health.
Supports mineral levels in the female body, especially with regard to natural hormonal fluctuations.
Helps the body detoxify and cleanse itself.

NSP Coral Calcium is harvested on the seashores of the Ryukyu Islands, southwest of Okinawa, Japan.
Only coral that washes up on the shore is used in this product NSP Coral Calcium offers this natural source of calcium in a special combination that provides the body with 325 mg of readily available calcium per serving, along with 163 mg of magnesium.
NSP has included montmorillonite clay, which helps neutralize stomach acidity and absorb toxins from the digestive tract.

Many people - especially elderly men and women, middle -aged women, persons with a family history of osteoporosis and white and Asian women ages 11 to 35 can benefit from proper calcium intake.
Scientific studies show that adequate dietary minerals, such as those contained in Coral Calcium, can promote bone health.

  • Calcium increases bone mineral density during skeletal growth, which makes this product beneficial for children. Regular exercise and a healthy diet with adequate calcium helps teens and young women maintain good bone health and reduce their high risk of osteoporosis.
  • Magnesium activates osteoblasts and increases bone mineralization. Studies show that the absorption of magnesium affects bone health.
  • Montmorillonite is natural clay that comes from volcanic ash. It contains colloidal aluminum silicate and is excellent for absorbing dietary toxins and for cleansing the digestive tract. Because montmorillonite is neither digested nor absorbed, it is easily eliminated.

    Once or twice daily, mix 1 rounded scoop of NSP Coral Calcium in 8 oz. water or other beverage and drink. (or 1 capsule)
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