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Product ID 1884
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Nervous Fatigue Formula (100 caps)

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Chinese (emotional) Heart Stimulant.
[Nourish the Fire] Yang Xin

General stimulant for weakness due to stress and burnout (for when your heart just isn't in it any more).
Nervous fatigue formula has helped infirmities including mental fatigue, forgetfulness, low thyroid, insomnia from frequent waking and restless dreaming.

Among other things, Nervous fatigue formula contains adaptogens like Siberian ginseng to rejuvenate the body's strength and ability to respond to stress.
Of course, it strengthens the real heart and circulatory system too (biota is similar to hawthorn).

Use Stress Releif for the opposite condition such as:
Acute stress resulting in nervousness, difficulty relaxing, inability to relax/sleep, and excitability.

Schizandra, dang gui, cistanche, biota, suceinum, ophiopogon, cuscuta, Iycium, panax ginseng, polygonum, hoelen, disoscorea, astragalus, lotus, polygala, acorus, zizyphus, rehmannia.

Comments by Mr. Steven Horne, RH(AHG)
This tonic formula enhances the Shen or heart energy. helpful for excessive stress and emotional "burn out." People who benefit from Nervous Fatigue Formula are typically tired and nervous, have difficulty sleeping, feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and "broken hearted", and lose sexual desire. They may also experience night wweats, have muddled thoughts, be emotionally sensitive and suffer from mental confusion and short-term memory loss.

Nervous Fatigue Formula can help to enhance energy, improve sleep, aid mental function and reduce the body's response to stress. The key tonic herb in this formula is schizandra fruit, which is a tonic for qi, Shen and jing. Schizandra is an adaptogen with hepatoprotective properties. It calms the Shen, relieving insomnia, heart palpitations and impaired memory. It tones the jing to prevent night sweats and frequent urination. It is also helpful for dry cough, asthma, improving athletic performance and protecting the heart from oxidative stress.

Nervous Fatigue also contains the tonics dong quai, astragalus and Korean ginseng.
Dose is 3 or 4 capsules with each meal daily.
It can also be taken when a person wakes up at night and can't seem to go back to sleep.

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