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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Spleen Activator (100 caps)

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[Enhance Earth / Warm Center] Wen Zhong
Chinese Ulcer and Colitis combination.
An invigorating general tonic used to strengthen a weak digestive system and soothe digestive irritations including hiatal hernia.
The ingredients are Ginseng and Licorice.
The adrenal glands and pancreas are stimulated to produce more enzymes and hormones.
Emotions related to a chronic digestive weakness include complaining and feelings of neglect, inability to adapt or change or suppressed personal needs.

Siberian ginseng, licorice, atactylodes, hoelen, ginger, dioscorea, lotus seed, dolichos, astrangalus, citrus, dong quai, sausurea, magnolia bark, chaenomeles, zanthoxylum, pinellia galanga, cardamon.

Comments by Mr. Steven Horne, RH(AHG)
In Chinese medicine, the earth element is associated with digestion, especially the stomach, spleen and pancreas. When a person has an inability to properly digest and metabolize food, they tend to lose muscle mass. They may become very thin and pale, or simply overweight with a lack of muscle tone.

The Chinese associate these symptoms with a deficiency of spleen chi (or energy). The Chinese name for this formula, Wen Zhong means "warm the center" referring to the power of this formula to warm up or enhance digestive energy.

Spleen Activator is a formula for strengthening the earth element by tonifying the spleen chi. It improves the digestion and metabolism of proteins, minerals and other nutrients to enhance muscle tone, improve physical development, enhance energy and increase appetite for healthy foods.

The people who benefit from this formula the most include people who are very thin an pale and seem to find it impossible to gain muscle mass. In young people, this is often due to a hiatal hernia, something this formula helps to heal along with mechanical adjustment. Elderly people often suffer from digestive weakness, as well. This is a good formula for older people who are losing their appetite and losing muscle mass. It's also a good formula for people who have lost weight due to prolonged illness, such as the wasting that often takes place in cancer or AIDS. However, Trigger Immune may be a better formula in those cases.

Emotionally, a lack of earth element energy will lead to chronic worries and fears, a sense of hopelessness, lack of control over one's own life and sluggish thought processes. The person with a weakness of earth energy may have a hard time with concentration and focus. They may be overly concerned for the welfare of others, feeling excessive sympathy that makes them feel the need to rescue others. Where this is the case, the flower essence Find Strength can be used along with Spleen Acivator.

Other physical symptoms that may signal a need for Spleen Activator include easy bruising, fatigue, sinus congestion, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, hernia or hiatal hernia, intestinal inflammation, intestinal cramping, menstrual cramping and abdominal bloating. However, Spleen Activator will not be helpful if the root of the problem is not poor digestion and metabolism. When it is the root cause, Wen Zhong or Chinese Spleen Activator can improve general health by restoring the ability to digest food and enhancing circulation and immunity.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in this formula:

Panax Ginseng Root is a general tonic and an energy tonic. It is an adaptogen, strengthening the body for times of stress. It has been used to treat fatigue, cardiac arrhythmia and chronic diarrhea.

Astragalus increases the production of digestive fluids. It is a tonic and an immune stimulant. It also increases heart action and lowers blood pressure and blood sugar. It has been used to treat debility and edema.

Atractylodes is a digestive tonic and an energy tonic. It increases blood pressure and the production of digestive fluids and it stimulates the liver. It is also a laxative and carminative. It has been used for low appetite, diarrhea and indigestion.

Hoelen decreases blood sugar and improves urine flow. It has been used to treat edema, hepatitis and heart palpitations.

Dioscorea increases the production of digestive fluids. It has been used to treat poor appetite, diabetes and diarrhea.

Lotus Seed is a mucilaginous herb that absorbs digestive toxins and is an anti-inflammatory. It has been used to treat chronic diarrhea and poor appetite.

The following herbs increase the production of digestive secretions and treat nausea and vomiting. Galanga increases blood circulation and the production of digestive fluids. It also relieves smooth muscle spasms. It has been used to treat dyspepsia, gastritis, flatulence and poor circulation. Chaenomeles relieves muscle spasms and increases the production of digestive fluids. It has been used to treat dyspepsia and diarrhea.

Typhonium flagelliforme is a Chinese herb used to relieve coughing. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Magnolia Bark aids digestion and eliminates gas from the bowels. It has been used to treat bloating, diarrhea, acid stomach and appetite loss.

Saussurea helps the liver, increases the production of digestive fluids, increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. It has been used to treat gallstones, jaundice and diarrhea.

The next two herbs help to regulate the digestive system. Dong Quai is a general tonic. It increases the production of digestive fluids and lowers cholesterol. It has been used to treat constipation, palpitations, indigestion and anemia. Citrus Peel increases digestive fluids and enhances blood circulation.

Dolichos is a mucilaginous root that absorbs toxins and bulks stools. It soothes inflamed tissues and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. It has been used to treat diarrhea, nausea and food poisoning.

Zanthoxylum is a laxative that has been used to treat dyspepsia, abdominal pain, intestinal worms and dysentery.

The following herbs are catalysts for this combination: Licorice is a mild laxative that is a very soothing herb for inflamed membranes. It has been used to strengthen the digestion, treat ulcers and to provide relief from poisons. Ginger increases the production of digestive fluids and enzymes. It has been used to increase circulation and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. It is also used for indigestion, gas and nausea. Cardamom is an aromatic fruit that increases the production of digestive fluids and reduces smooth muscle spasms, especially in the intestines. It has been used to treat diarrhea, dyspepsia and gas.

Suggested Use

To improve chronic digestive system weakness, take 3 capsules Spleen Activator (Wen Zhong) 3 times daily. Spleen Activator is also available as a TCM concentrate. Take 1 capsule of the concentrate two to three times daily.

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