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Product ID 1528
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Hi-Lipase (120 LU) (100 caps) or lipase or hilipase

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For digestion of fats and oils.
Contains enzymes to break down fats and oils.
Contains amylase, protease and cellulase for balanced digestive enzyme supplementation.
Bile produced by the liver normally breaks down fat. Eating fats stimulates production of bile and release of stored bile from the gallbladder.
If the gall bladder bas been removed, that additional reserve of bile is not available.
If the liver is underactive, combinations such as LIVER CLEANSE (LIV-A), LIVER BALANCE (LIV-C) or LIV-J promote the secretion of bile.

Cystic Fibrosis note:
CF patients need to take large amounts of pancreatic enzymes.
Preliminary European reports indicate that enteric-coated, slow-release, high potency pancreatic enzymes products may have contributed to a thickening of the cecum and ascending colon, leading to bowel blockage in some CF patients. (Lancet, 1/8/94, pp 85, 109, 110).
It may be best to use a product that releases in the upper intestines, which is where the body's own pancreatic enzymes are naturally released.
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