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Product ID 1089
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

THIM-J (100 caps) (ko) or thimj

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THymus-IMmune rejuvenation formula from Jeanne Burgess.

The thymus gland converts lymphocytes into "T" cells which identify aud destroy bacteria, viruses and other abnormal cells. THIM-J feeds the thymus and parathyroid glands. It has been helpful for rebuilding run-down immune systems from excessive antibiotics, hepatitis, Candida and chronic fatigue (Epstein-Barr), etc.

Chinese traditional medicine teaches that life energy (Chi) flow along specific paths in the body. Some believe that when Chi polarity is reversed, a person craves things that are bad for them. THIM-J has been used to reverse unhealthy cravings. It is used with STRESS-J to help stop smoking and provide a feeling of well being, for instance.

Although it calms the nerves, it increases energy at the same time, so you may not want to take THIM-J before bedtime. Best if used between meals to get the most benefit from ginseng.

Rose hips, broccoli, cabbage, Siberian ginseng, red clover, parsley, wheat grass, horseradish.
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